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    Okay so I bought my daughter a Craze for Christmas and today we were outside shooting. I noticed when she drew back she had forgot to put an arrow in. When I told her she didn’t have an arrow nocked she started to let off but in the process accidently hit the trigger release and dry fired the bow.

    She has just started shooting and the bow was back all the way down as low as it would go which is around 25 lbs I think. The string came off but I can’t find anything else wrong with the bow. I was able to get the string back on and pulled it back several times and didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. I inspected it again for cracks in the limbs and riser and couldn’t find anything so I fired a few arrows through it with no problems.

    Could I be lucky enough that she didn’t do any damage with the bow being set at such a low poundage?

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    My son did the same thing. You could always have your dealer look at it to be sure but you’re probably fine.
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    I bought  the Craze as well, had it home for literally 5 minutes, and my son managed to dry fire it.  Even after multiple warnings of “whatever you do don’t let that go”.   Went back to the shop to get it restrung and checked, it was set at 40# and no damage was done to it.  So, I would imagine from this that you would be OK.

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    Most bows are strong enough to handle a dry-fire at lower weights.  You will see most of the damage in the upper weight ranges (over 50 pounds).  I’ve air-brained and done that a couple of times on my 2001 Conquest 2.  I only had her set at 42 pounds and never had any damage.  Of course, that being said, the next time I have a brain fade, I’ll break something. {#emotions_dlg.mathews_brick_wall}
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    Every now and again use a cottonball  to wipe around limb surface to find any hairline cracks but u should b fine. Check peep for torn strands of string. If u find any I would replace string
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