MR6 Draw Length Q

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    The new mods for my mr6 came today. They are 28.5″. I put them on and the draw length is measuring 29 3/8. That seems long to me. I was expecting it to measure at 29 or a bit less. The brace height is dead on, ata is maybe a 1/16 long. I need to get a rest on the bow before I can draw it back and see if it fits but I am wondering if I am missing something or is this much over the stated draw acceptable if everything else is in spec.

    I read some online and it seems 1/2″ over is somewhat which has always been my experience. This is my first time tuning a dual cam so I just want to make sure there isn’t something else I should be looking at.

    Thanks all

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    No, you are not missing anything, that sounds about right. I went thru the same process last winter setting up both of my MR’s. I too need a 28.5″ draw, and found the 28″ mods to be the ones for me. That got me alot closer, and also firmed up the back wall.
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    Sounds good. I appreciate the info. It helps to know others have had the same experience. Love the bow and it is shooting great.
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