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    I just ordered a new mr5 and it came in this week. After setting it up and paper tuning no matter what I got a slight left tear so I walk back tuned instead. After I was done I measured my center shot and its 1/2 inch from the riser to the center of the shaft.  this is my 5 th monster and all of the rest have tuned between 13/16 and 3/4. It will group fletched and bare shafts but broadheads shoot 4 inches to the right at 20 yards no matter how far in I move the rest. I have not had this problem with any of my mathews bows.  I don’t believe it is a form or torque issue at full draw the string is coming off the cam perfectly straight. Any advice would be appreciated
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    I also put a straight edge on each cam the top cam straight edge meets the string at the nock point but the bottom cam is perfectly straight with the string
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    How bad of a left tear at 3/4″, and what arrow are you using?
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    It’s a half in left tear and I have tried 3 different spine arrows 340 axis, 330 bloodline, and 300 axis all with 85 and 100 gr tips and all with the same result. My center shot is just a hair under 1/2 in and the shop I bought it from says they prefer them to tune inside but I feel 5/16 inside of the average is a little extreme. I have also noticed my bottom cam looks like its leaning at full draw and my top looks straight.
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    Take a look at this

    See what you think.

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    After another trip to the shop they looked the bow over and agreed the bottom cam seemed to be leaning to the left at full draw so they had the limbs warrantied and it shoots perfect now. 3/4 center shot and a bullet hole and my broadheads now group with my field points.
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