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    Sorry for spamming the forum, but I couldn’t find where to edit or delete my previous post.¬† That post, in hind-sight, is a bit convoluted.¬† Let me try again.

    1.  Can a Z-cam be added to an MQ1 riser and limbs?  If yes, Would I need to change the original upper wheel and the entire original lower cam assembly to accomplish this?

    2. If the answer to #1 is no, could either Z-Max or Z-Flight limbs be added to an MQ1 riser?  If yes, then I assume a Z-cam assembly can be added, but what about the upper wheel, would that need to be changed also?

    My goal is to reduce the draw length, plus have the 3-post bow length adjustment features that are built into the Z-cam construction.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this re-post and for any information you are able to share.

    Denny Butler

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    No frankenbow designer here, but I think that the most important question that you need to have answered would be “Will the limb deflections for my current bow allow me to take a cam system from an entirely different bow and intall and use it safely with my current limbs and riser?”¬† My gut feeling is that the answer to that question is “no”, and that your energies and money will be better spent in another direction.
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