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    :thumbup Spencer is AWESOME!
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    =D/>” title=”Applause” /> good job dude on the mountain kitty <!-- s:thumbup --><img src= I know it is all about the dogs but you still have to throw in a good shot. I have gotten a couple with a bow and have never seen one drop as fast as that. You really are liking that dxt aren’t you? :thumbup you coming through Idaho anytime soon. The wolves over here are terrible at the moment. This photo was taken from a tree stand here in Idaho. I heard the president delisted them finally :thumbup this is a good deal. Maybe we can get a handle on them.

    and another!

    they don’t look to cuddely in these photos do they?

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    It was fun to see the dog run, I did enjoy that.
    But Lion hunting doesnt seem for me.[/quote:2jmuwkso]

    Doesn’t seem what to you joshua?
    I honestly respect your thoughts :thumbup
    Curious on how you think lions should be managed :?:
    or should they :?:[/quote:2jmuwkso]

    you know Josh I never wanted to hunt one ether I thing there god’s most purities animal he made. but after last year and what happened with me and the cat I want to hunt one so bad man that was a rush. :thumbup[/quote:2jmuwkso]

    To me it seems like target practice the animal has no where to go, after it gets treed its just a matter of shooting it out of a tree. I have no problem with other people hunting them at all, I believe they should be hunted but its not something I would do.

    I am very afraid of running into one in the wild, Two years ago on a deer hunt I watched one stalk a moose…..
    :shock: it got within 20 yards and then took off after it the moose bolted and was able to go through some thick brush and get away. We needed to walk through that area to get back to the car. ](*,) ](*,) ](*,) I had my knife drawn the entire walk back. but never would of shot at the cat if I had the rifle. just not my cup of tea.

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    Thanks for the answer Josh :thumbup I respect that [=}=]
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    8D Cool video, nice job.
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    I;ve Must have watched tis 20 times now #-o #-o

    [-o| For that lottery

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    Great video, great shot, great dog work and great eating… :thumbup

    Cat the other white meat… :D

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    great video and awsome shot :thumbup
    keep’em comin :D
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    Great job! :thumbup
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    nebraska man

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    A lion hunt has been at the top of my list for awhile now but i have a question that i have never understood. We hear stories about lions attacking children and what not, why does the lions run from a small dog and climb up a tree. isnt there any fear that the lion would just kill the dow quick and be on his way?
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    Simply awesome!!!! My wife doesn’t like that sort of thing, but I think she really enjoyed that video. She likes to see the dogs work and be rewarded. My son really liked it also. Great video and great hunt too, congrats to everybody involved(especially Spencer). :thumbup
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    Bob, congrats on a great hunt and an awesome video. Thank you for sharing it. I really enjoy watching a great dog do what he loves and was bred for. Nothing better.

    Always wondered if those cats ever figure out that they’re 3 times the size of the dog and a whole lot meaner? Hopefully not.

    I’d give lion hunting a go in a heartbeat–not sure if I could still shoot after treking 5+ miles up and down a mountain though. :thumbup[/quote:39si6ik8]

    Funny you said that as Joe and I have had that same conversation [=}=] If the cats only knew what they could do to that dog then it would be all over in 10 seconds…also if the dog knew he would say “forget it you go chase that cat” :D
    Joe just came back from treeing another cat today…Spencer has 13 under his belt this season alone…The cat had just killed another mule deer…man they are killers :shock: got some more footage maybe do a bit on it we will see…getting tired of editing :^O :^O :^O
    Spencer usually goes alone (he likes it that way)gets tired of always training those other dogs :^O but if there is more then one dog then they have a better chance against those killer cats :shock:[/quote:39si6ik8]

    Interesting, I said to my wife,” If that dog only knew what that cat could do to it”. All that cat had to do was decide it didn’t want to run anymore. Its the same with bear hunting, those dogs are amazing. But i wouldn’t sell them short either, i am sure they could hold their own. But that is why it is important to keep up with the dog. Kudos to the hunter, the houndsman for being in shape enough to keep the dog safe. Spencer is amzing, so are you!!!! Awesome hunt, one of my favorites ever!!!! [=}=]

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    Well I just finished posting the video of the cougar I took with my bow last Sunday. I am only going to post it for a short time as there are many who do not think it is right to take a lion. If those people only knew the whole story of lion hunting then they wouldn’t be quick to judge. Of course they don’t have to watch it either do they? A lion will kill a deer,elk,moose a week in our area. Treed another cat today and left it unharmed as Joe couldn’t determine if it was a female or a tom. The quota for females is full and it is for tom’s only now. Once again the glory of this hunt goes to the Good Lord above and to Wonder Dog Spencer….enjoy…I will keep it posted through the weekend.

    Alan you still thinking of at hunting next year?…Spencer has a year maybe two left. It will be like winning the lottery if you draw a tag, but hey it will be worth it if you do. :thumbup[/quote:2j778r69]

    Who gives a flying flip what they think :thumbdown

    Good job, and I said I would :thumbup

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    Taking a big cat is on my to do list…just out of my price range right now #-o
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    Beautiful animal… Thats very cool.. Great video… =D/>” title=”Applause” />  <img src=
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