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  • July 1, 2009 at 11:11 pm #526161 Back to Top REPORT

    Age: 55
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    Only fixed heads for big game animals for me :)

    Nothing mechanical to “go wrong”, fly accurately to all sane [for me] hunting distances, and can bust even big bones (if using the right head design). No mechanical can equal that trifecta of performance.

    The peace of mind knowing that the arrow will do its job 100% of the time, in worst case scenarios, is priceless to me.

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    Location: Michigan
    Mechanicals mostly (Tekan II’s and Reapers), but have killed a number of dear with Thunderheads. Love both and have had good luck with all three!!!
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    Hi to everyone

    i know this is about fixed or mech blades . but couldn’t find the forum about cases. i am getting my first mathews next wk, either dxt or the reezen anyway has anyone used the mathew’s cases. Just hunting local no trips at least at this pt. thanks in advanced j

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    Was once fixed, Then Mech,Then both, Now back to fixed…even though the Reapers fly exactly like My Slick Tricks, I feel better with the Tricks [=}=]
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    Fixed for deer & mechs for Turkey.
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    Location: Ohio
    bump back up…trying to get a true feel for the # that shoot each [=}=]
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    3 Blade Rage and Slick Tric Mags [=}=]
    PSE DNA.........PSE REVOlution.......Breathn built!
Viewing 7 posts - 31 through 37 (of 37 total)