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  • June 30, 2009 at 6:57 pm #526146 Back to Top REPORT

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    Fixed :thumbup
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    Always have and always will be nothing but fixed.
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    up until a couple years ago I was a die hard fixed head guy,but recently I’ve been dabbling with the G5Tekan and the Rage heads..
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    Age: 40
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    Mechanicals from a stand and fixed from the blind….I do more stand than blind hunting there for hence my answer to the pole [=}=]
    70lb No Cam HTR Lost Camo ordered on 12/13/14, will be shot at 64 lbs, Beman ICS Hunter 340 w/blazers, 100 grain Rocket Steelhead, QAD Pro Hunter rest.
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    90gr muzzy 4 blade…….. :X
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    100% Mechanicals
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    mechanicals when i don’t want to track much. i use fixed blades mostly, but i have never seen one open a deer like a good expandable.
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    bustin hartz at 305fps

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    Tekan G5s :breaklamp
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    I’ve used both but now fixed only, my one buddy carries 1 mechanical and the rest are thunder heads, I said why the one mechanical? he said on real windy days he will shoot that one. I always wondered if any one else does that?
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    Slick Trick Mags and Wasp Boss SST mostly but will try the Rage 40KE this year just to see how they perform.
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    This is the first year that I switched to mechanical, and want to see just how the Grim Reaper puts em down.
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    I have not tried any mechanical broadheads yet.
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    Rage….I don’t know how it could get much better. The damage is to massive.
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    100 gr thunderheads :thumbup
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    I’m really surprised that fixed-blade is so popular, if you judge by the ad hype, mech heads are way more popular. [-X

    Since I have always been able to tune for excellent BH flight using fixed-blades, I never bought into the extra headaches of sharpening, blade deployment, and blade sturdiness. And, now that I hunt primarily Elk, mech heads don’t have any appeal for me. [-(

    But in all fairness, over the years, I’ve seen crap broadheads, both fixed and mech.

    I guess its up to you guys to be smart enough to know about what you hunt, what it takes to bring it down, and what is inside your abilities …

    … Hunt to Live … Live to Hunt … Hunt Smart [=}=]

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 37 total)