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    I guess too hard lol I was drawing back with my fingers which would have been harder than with a release.  It did slap hard but maybe it would sound different if I had been shooting it.  Either way I’m sure I could silence it if it was still loud.  I thought it was a nice improvement over the old mods.  I’m rolling over the idea of trading my bt experience for a chill r.
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    Shot the X on Wednesday for a hour. Tried to find something I didn’t like about the Bow absolutely nothing.  It drawed smooth all the way to the solid back wall no fall off.  Dead in hand and very stable. This is by far one of the best bows I have shot. This bow is definitely a shooter. I am impressed at the cam design also. I had to shoot it a few times before I could hear it very very quiet. Felt a very, very,  slight vibration but the bow didn’t have any stabilizer accessories on it.

    This is coming from a short axle to axle single cam man.

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    I went to the my local Mathews dealer and shot the Chill X today. I have been contemplating buying a Chill R for the past couple of weeks. Before I talk about the Chill X. I want to give you some info on the bow comparisons I have been doing. For what it is worth, on Monday I went to the bow shop to shoot the Hoyt Carbon Spyder Turbo.  I had heard that the bow was one of the best shooting bows ever. So, I wanted to shoot it side by side with the Chill R to see which one I liked better. The Hoyt Carbon Spider was sweet. In all honesty the draw was a little, and I mean just a little, smoother than the Chill R. However, The Chill R had less hand vibration and was deader in the hand than the Hoyt. The Hoyt was great. It too was also really dead in the hand, but for me, personally, the Chill R just felt better. Overall I liked the Chill R more than the Hoyt Carbon Spider Turbo. I almost ordered a Chill R right then, but I though I would wait a while longer.

    Also for what it is worth I shot the Elite Energy 35 next to the Chill R. When I got the Elite back to full draw, it felt like I could have held it there all day. I have never held a bow a full draw that felt like that. However, the draw was noticeably stiffer and the hand shock was a little more than the Chill R.  Once again, that is just my opinion of shooting two awesome bows side by side.

    Today, I made to the shop to shoot the Chill X. It was still in the box when I got there. The dealer got it out of the box, put a rest and sight on it and let me shoot it. The draw was silky smooth, and the shot was dead in the had. My brother was with me. Right after I shot it I looked at him and said, “wow, that was sweet.” I shot it 2 more times. I then shot the Chill R to compare. I drew the Chill R back and shot. My brother said something to the effect of “dang, that was quiet.” I spent the next hour taking turns with my brother shooting the Chill R right next to the Chill X. My personal opinion (my brother agreed with me) is that the Chill X might draw a little smoother. Again I say might. It was nearly impossible to tell a difference. If anything, I would say the Hoyt Carbon Spyder I shot on Monday still had the just a tiny bit smoother draw. I thought that the Chill X was a little easier to keep level when I moved the bow around than the Chill R. My brother thought they were virtually identical as far as keeping the bows level.  The Chill X was dead in the hand, but both me and my brother thought that the Chill R was a little  more dead in the hand. Again basically the same but a slight edge to the Chill R in my opinion. One thing I did notice was a slight, and I mean slight click when the Chill X got to full draw because of the string stops on the new Rock Mods. It was not loud, but it was there. I think that if there was no wind and you were close to a deer, the deer would be able to hear the click. But I will say, it really was not that big of a deal, barely noticeable. In all honesty, I would say the bow are just about the same. Once again that is my personal opinion. The best thing about today, is that I ordered my new bow.  I ordered the Chill R in black tactical. $1105.00 after taxes.

    The past couple of weeks I shot the Hoyt Carbon Spider Turbo, the Elite Energy 35, the Mathews Chill R, and the Mathews Chill X side by side. They are all awesome bows. I can’t honestly say that the Mathews Bows are “way better” than the Hoyt or the Elite. I personally liked them better, but there were aspects of the Hoyt and Elite that I liked better than the Mathews bows. As far as the Chill R and Chill X. I personally just like the Chill R a little better. They really felt just about the same. There was just something about the Chill R that I liked more than all the other Bows I have shot, including the Chill X. Shoot them all side by side and come to your own determinations. I just thought I would share my honest opinion. Cant wait for the new Chill R to get here!

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    Bow Drawn

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    Thanks benlwilson for your review and sharing your opinions on these bows, I sort of agree but I have not shot the X yet.
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    Steve, I’m 57 as well and will be 58 in July. That must feel like a kids bow set at 60lbs. 

    Bow Drawn, the shop I frequent doesn’t stock the other Monster bows but orders them as needed, so no I couldn’t do a comparison.

    Pinshooter, I couldn’t hear anything with the mods hitting the cable. How hard do you draw a bow?{#emotions_dlg.mathews_big_smile}

    It’s does feel really light weight at 62.   Shot for about 3 hours today.  2 with finger tab and 1 with release.   Keep in mind the last time i really shot much was 5 years ago.  I don’t feel any more tired than before I went in.  Going to dinner then will go back and shoot for another couple of hours probably.  (I paid for all day, I ought to use it!!!!)

    I’ve got arthritis and bone spurs in the shoulders, I was pretty concerned about shooting again, but this bow is so vibration free that I have no pain in the shoulders at all.

    Good news is that at 62 and my arrows from my other bow (I don’t have a weight on them) shot the chrono at 293 fps.   I’m limited in competition so that is quite fast enough for me

    I love this bow.

    Thanks, Steve
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    Wow….great reviews guys! {#emotions_dlg.mathews_thumbs_up} Very much appreciated.

    benlwilson….did you order your new Chill R with the new mod? And, did you happen to shoot the 75% letoff mod…or? How did it feel to you compared to 80/85% ?


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    Hotshot…I did not order my Chill R with the new mods. I am not sure what mods the Chill X had. I would guess it was the 85%.  The Chill X  felt about the exact same as the Chill R. If it were possible to do a blind draw test, I could probably tell the difference between the two as the Chill X has an ever so slightly easier draw. I don’t know that it is smoother, just a bit easier. Likewise, the Chill R had just a bit less hand shock.
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    I shot the chill x on Saturday along with my elite energy 35 back to back. The chill x and my elite energy were both set at 28″ 60#. The chill x I shot was with the 85% rock mods. The chill x had a great draw cycle and the new rock mods was definitly a major improvement over the regular mods. I really like the chill x but I would have a tough time selling energy 35 just to buy a chill x. The only thing that I really favored the chill x over the energy was the slow let down. I wish that they came out with this bow in November with the rest of the bows in November I would have probably bought it over the energy because I really like the quality of mathews bows. Oh well I might just wait till November maybe the will bring out a longer ata solocam this year. I just hope the dont make it it on the creed platform because I’m not real big on the creed cams draw cycle.
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    I know this is Chill X Forum, but I just got my Chill R that I ordered after shooting the Chill X. Here are some pics. I am still working on getting it dialed in.

    1 4 5 c

    27.5″, 70#
    Black Gold Ascent 5 Pin Sight w/ 6″ dovetail
    Axion GLM 7″, 8oz Stabilizer
    Axion String Stop Damper
    QAD HDX Mathews Rest
    Shooting 27.5″ Easton Deep Six Injexion Arrows 401 grains at 290 fps.

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    I need help!!!! The dealers tell me I don’t need to shoot chill x with fingers.. I have not bought it yet because I don’t know why they say that. Is there something I don’t know and who shoots it with fingers? I’ve shot fingers since I was 7 and now I’m 31. Need to talk to the finger shooters any advice…. THANKS
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    Looking at the chill r and the chill x. Looking for a bow to both compatition  shoot with and deer/turkey hunt with. Wondering which one would fit me best, and if you can tell the difference in the brace heights of each?
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    Chill R = 6 1/8″. Chill X= 7″
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    Is there more forgiveness in the chill x or the chill r
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    I would think the Chill-X would have more ‘forgiveness’ since it has less riser reflex and a higher brace height than the Chill-R.

    Holding weight also figures into ‘forgiveness’. More holding weight reduces the affect of any inconsistencies in bow hand torque.

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    Thank you
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