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    Deer Slaughterer

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    what month on average do you kill the most deer in
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    For myself, October. The last two weeks of the month. :thumbup
    That said, i took this doe yesterday, so Sept aint all bad either :)
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    Bigbuck 12

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    My Archery succes has been greatest the 1st week of the season the last 10 years. So I vote September. I also gun hunt and I’ve had multiple kills in November since they’ve been offering the intensive harvest in many of my hunting areas. I’ve only shot 1 deer in October and its not that I don’t hunt I just haven’t had very good luck that month. I have had excellent luck in December bow hunting. Its my favorite time to hunt actually but I don’t seem to get out as much anymore as I’m low on tags and my wife is low on patience by then [=}=]
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    Prodigys dad

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    I usually get most of mine in late December,Every year I hold off on the does until I start running out of time.
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    September is usually the best for me, but October has been good as well. Especially when I get picked for the Ripley hunt. I got in this year so I hope I stick a big one!

    Good luck to all this season.

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