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  • September 16, 2008 at 5:02 pm #495947 Back to Top REPORT

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    Do u use them?
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    Nope, just added weight to the back of the arrow IMO [=}=]
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    Yep, the uni-bushing adapters I use are tad smaller o.d. than the shaft o.d., so I figure the collar helps distribute the load.
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    I use them as well. But they came on the arrows. So that is the main reason. Haven’t tried them without.
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    I’ve seen too many carbon arrows split at the nock end simply from being shot not to use something[/i:25h8it5h]. I feel epoxied in G-Nock adapters are better, but the collars are better than nothing IMO.
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    Nope. Don’t see the need.
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    I am new to CX arrows, with the collar my nocks are not very tight, is this common?
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    Nope, had some shafts that would not group. Squared the nock end and put collars back on. Still would not group. Removed collars and what do you know. They grouped so I take them off.
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    I like the added support they give to the back of the arrow, and have never had a problem with my arrows grouping all the way out to sixty yards. To many people dry fire bows when the arrows splits on the shot. This might not be common to most , but I have seen it first hand twice, once w/ easton 400’s , and once w/ bemans and have heard of many others that it’s happend to.
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    I had to take mine off to get my Lumenoks to work correctly.
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    I have used them for practice to keep from damaging the backs of my arrows but I remove them and install luminocks for hunting.
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