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    eric naistus

    Joined: 9/9/2013
    So what you all think of the zxt?it is very high priced,i have the bare bow,and putting sight rest friday,but is it worth 800 bucks?please reply.
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    Worth every penny.  I got mine in January, and I love it.
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    central IL bowhunter

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    In my opinion, that’s a little high, but it may just depend on the price of bows in your area.  I can buy a Creed for 799.00 in my area, and a Helim for cheaper than that.  It’s a nice bow though, no doubt about that.
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    I really like the ZXT because it still has a valley and no draw stop unlike the Helium, Creed. I like the valley because you can settle in and hold a long time especially in the Eastern white tail woods where you may have to wait for a deer to walk around a bush or tree while at full draw.  A 7.5 brace height making it very forgiving and it is just a few feet per second faster than the Creed.  The 28 inch axle to axle makes it really good for tree stand, blind hunting or stalking. To me it is a top shelf bow in its own right that is a tack driver, smooth, quiet dead in hand. Yes it is worth it. I love mine and think it is a great compliment to go along with the rest of the new bows offered this year.  No matter what let the bow pick you and Good Luck.

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    I ordered mine in December and paid $679.  There is one shop here selling them for $649.   Great bow and I thought it was the best that Mathews put out this year.  Price had nothing to do with why I bought mine.  Dead quiet and zero vibration.  Perfect hunting bow.
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