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    I have a Helim tactical right now that has a focus grip on it. I like it for summer shooting but im not a big fan of it when it comes to hunting when I have a glove on. I have always loved the wood grips by Mathews so im looking at trying to get one. Does anyone know how much a wooden Helim wood grip would be right from Mathews…. And yes I already know about all of the aftermarket places making grips. Im looking to get a Mathews HelIM grip. I plan to sand it down and stain it black to match the bow. Or does Mathews offer unfinished grips?
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    obvious place to check for a grip is with the local dealer. we have a bunch from focus changeovers.
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    Id check the classifieds over on Archerytalk…..there is always some stock grips on there. Usually they are very reasonable too.
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    You will have to paint it and then clear it. You will never get the walnut to take black stain if you want it a true black.
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