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    I started noticing some noise on my Creed a couple of weeks ago.  A “click” upon full draw – AND it was shooting as if the sights had moved. I was hitting high, as if I were about 3-5 yards closer to the target.  I checked closely and discovered the bumper on the cam stop pin had fallen off.  It’s about a 1/2″ in diameter soft rubber tube that’s about 3/16″ in thickness around the perimeter.  My dealer replaced it quickly and both the noise and the over-shoot disappeared.

    I also noticed that I was hearing a little more noise on release than usual.  I discovered one of the set screws that holds the string stop was missing and the string stop had moved away from the string by about 1/4″.   I replaced the screw that was missing, adjusted the string stop so there’s about the width of a piece of typing paper between it and the string and, voila’ its quiet again.

    Bottom line,  frequently inspect your bow for missing screws, parts, etc.  Good pilots “pre-flight” their aircraft.  I think it’s a good idea on one of these complex bows also!

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    My dealer found out that some of the first Creeds produced had cam issues.  Cam was replaced on mine and the problem was solved.  It was VERY loud before the new cam.
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