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    Is the draw length on the Creed adjustable? Are modules required to do so and what module would be for 30″ draw?
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    They are not adjustable and would require a 30″ cam.
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    But you can change out cams though correct? Found a good deal on a creed but the draw length is too short. Is it diffcult to change out? Tried searching for instructions on how to do it but didn’t come up with anything.
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    The cams have amother piece bolted to them. It looks like some sort of module. Are these pieces the exact same on all the cams regardless of draw length?? I was in an archery shop and watched a tech swap this piece from an all camo cam to a black cam and vice verSa
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    I need it to be longer than 30″ and it is adjustable from 26-30.
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    The cams are a simple process to change, but you must have a press and some knowledge. The module that deltahunter speaks of is the draw module, which is bolted onto the cam, but not designed to be swapped out as a means of draw length adjustment. The process he saw was , I feel, an effort to get a totally lost camo bow to fit the shooter without getting another cam, which are in limited supply for the totally lost bows.
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