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    Hi Guys

    I just bought a Chill 70lbs 29″ draw, whisker buisket rest .
    I am using easton flatline 340 at 29″ long 100g point 373 totoal weight.
    The up and down tear is perfect, but I am still getting a 1″ tear fletch to the left.
    Was shooting through paper at 6 and 10 ft.
    I moved the rest as much as I can in, so should I lower the draw weight on the bow?
    I think the arrows are underspined? According to the easton guide they were ok?
    If I move more I won’t be able to shoot fixed broadheads.

    Anyone used NAP killzone broadheads? I have never used mechanical? Going moose hunting first week of october, thinkin of using killzones???
    Any experienced suggestions would be appreciated, thx.

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    Bow Drawn

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    I did the adjusted draw weight for your above information and you should be using a 350 model arrow but you are borderline. One more pound and you should be in to the 300 spined arrows and to me the Monster bows like a stiffer spine especially if you’re borderline. Then I bet you could use a fixed bladed head vs a mechanical.

    Or drop some poundage on your bow and see if it does improve the paper tuning, my guess it will.

    Now granted I have never hunted and or killed a moose. I’m sure your setup has enough KE to kill one as it is. And I wish LOST ARROW aka Neil was on here cause he has to help answer this about using a heavier weight arrow and better FOC on a large animal like a moose. I say this  cause the stiffer spine usually means a heavier shaft and you then can use a heavier point weight. You loose some speed but you gain a quiet shot and more penetration.

    Good luck on the hunt.

    Just some thoughts.

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