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    My mom and dad will be married 48 years this month. :thumbup =D/>” title=”Applause” /></div>

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    I was married 10 years till the x-wife served me with papers on the month of our anniversery. she paid for everything, all i had to do was sign the papers. I did everything to try and figure out what went wrong. I am convinced that she had her mind up that she didn’t love me anymore. and I don’t know why.
    but I got a woman now that loves me in ways my x never did. there’s no way anything is going to get between us- except God. I love this girl. If it is Gods will, we will be either engaged and or married this year.
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    Married 17 years this July 3rd>>>>I hope that’s right. If I’m wrong and my wife reads this I’ll be shut off for another 17 years!! ](*,) ](*,)
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    been hitched for going on 6 months now. now she wants kids.

    what did i get myself into….

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    I was married for almost 12 yrs. Helped raise 3 stepkids, had 3 of our own………..and when I got all her family and other liberal crap cleaned up…………she got a lawyer.

    Beat me up pretty good.

    I could care less about relationships.

    With society and other liberal poisoning, that crap simply isn’t worth the hassle.

    I don’t trust people very much, especially women.

    Even if a guy gets a good one, there’s just too strong of a chance in their going nuts at 45 and trashing the family and finances.

    Amazing how some apologize a few years later, try to come back……..behave for a year or so, and then go back into being psychotics.

    Young and with a hot gal, the stupidity might be deemed kinda sorta understandable.

    Now older and with “things” not so hot, putting up with that nonsense………’s not.

    If the world ran on logic, we’d go extinct.

    What gets me is how some dudes have it pretty good, or get back on their feet after a bad all too common experience, and they go right out and do the stupid stuff again.


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    I wonder how many good dudes grew up being brainwashed by Sherwood Schwartz nonsense, thought that hard work and caring would actually pay off with blended families (and those of some size).
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    12 years of marriage and still going.
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    35 years with the same great gal and we dated for a couple of years before saying I do. :D
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    With my girl for over a month, were still dating even with 1,500 miles between us :^O :D i love that girl :^O

    :^O :D :whistle[/quote:3729dxhw]
    Hey dont fix what aint broken :D

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    Will be married 28 years this June plus 3 1/2 years dating before that, with “kids” of 18 and just about to turn 20. Man, time flies! :shock:
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    13 years of marital bliss :D #-o ;) :^O :cry: :shock:
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    I get to hunt as much as I want, spend my money on what I want, go out when I want………..guess that gives it away :thumbup
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    I’ve been married to this hottie for 4 1/2 years. We have a 2 year old and a 6 month old. She’s the only girlfriend i’ve ever had. She’s my best friend. We kind of “dated” for 7 months before tying the knot. We lived 1400 miles apart, so getting married just saved me a fortune on plane tickets. I’ll never look back. It’s just the grace of God.

    btw, i hunt whenever i want. she shops whenever she wants. it works out great!

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    engaged… #-o


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    It will be 16 years in July. We have 2 children, 12 and 7. [=}=]
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