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    16 years married to Candy, at the end of February.
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    20 years may 12th
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    Claw free & loving it!!! 8D
    I still have access to my finances.:p :p[/quote:2xqzm82t]

    Still the same!! :p :p :p :p

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    There are two kinds of folks in this world……….

    those that are living in sin

    and those that wish they were ;)

    My buddy got “demarried”. Legal proceedings of a divorce but not the usual result. He goes out to dinner with her, they talk all the time, he gets “treats”, mows her yard and fixes stuff.

    Can’t be too hard on the guy. He thinks it funny, as do I.

    Funny too, the idea of “marriage”.

    For many they think it just an earthly legal type of thing, even when they in vows profess a certain belief and take an oath to a higher power.

    In some beliefs………….the one who leaves a marriage with unjust cause, is obligated to the marriage. Not to who they were once married (divorce has happened). No, they are to remain celibate and single the rest of their life.

    In such incidents the one who honored their vows is allowed to remarry.

    Do know of some who take it a bit further, had just cause, honored their vows, and chose to be single and celibate the rest of their lives. Nothing wrong with that, maybe more protectionist than of faith………..but still within the rules.

    There are some good books on divorce and marriage, regarding faith.

    It’ll probably scare most who have remarried.

    Tough rules that many won’t follow.

    Interesting though…………….how sometimes those rules do get followed ;)

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    Country Chic

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    Don’t settle for less!!! [-X [-X

    Settle for less?

    No such phrase in my vocabulary. :hugs
    But darn straight it better equal!!! [-o|[/quote:2s5mu2lp]

    Exactly what I am doing, I really don’t care one way or another to get married, I’m a product of divorced parents and I’m not going through that myself so I’ll be happily single and won’t settle for anything less in a guy equal ways I’m not your maid or cook split the duties or don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya

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    Yeah, single people never break up, have legal issues surrounding relationships or make babies :^O

    Funny, in my no fault state, even homosexuals who can’t be legally married, have had their property/benefits and other chopped up in proceedings that were 98% of what others call a “divorce”.

    Many thought by not being legally married that they were exempt from such drama. But when they signed that slip of paper at work declaring their exclusive relationship to another (for health insurance and other) they put themselves right out there with the rest of us.


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    in 4 days i will have been married for 8 months and together for 4 years and 8 months
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    Blood Bath2006

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    DANG!!!! You guys have been digging up some LONG dead threads the last few days #-o #-o :^O :^O :^O
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    Ever notice how those (on average) that go through menopause look like little marines…..

    and they’re fun to hang out with, talk to, actually THINK in a normal fashion.

    They do so because they have to, their looks are gone :^O

    Too bad we can’t put a 55 yr old woman’s brain in a 20 yr old’s body.

    If they’re older and look kinda decent, well……….yeah, they’re still nuts :^O

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    im married to a wonderful woman. getting married was the best thing that ever happened to me.
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    With my girl for over a month, were still dating even with 1,500 miles between us :^O :D i love that girl :^O
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    With my girl for over a month, were still dating even with 1,500 miles between us :^O :D i love that girl :^O

    :^O :D :whistle

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    Mirage hunter

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    Married 26 years as of this past friday 2/5/2010 :D
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    married….dunno how many years now lol, but i know weve been together since 2000 and have a 2.5 year old. but i think its been around 5 years.

    Just dont let my girlfriend read this. :p

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