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    Anyone have a 30 in. draw and shoot the bullhead? With the 125 gr. the cut is 3 3/4 in. which means the broadhead would need to clear my sight, so i’d need roughly a 36 in. arrow from what im told. I dont even know who makes a 36 in. arrow, let alone how something that long would fly.
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    The riser is the main issue for needing the longer arrow as the head will not clear the front of the bow.  Obviously clearing the sight is important too, but usually you can orientate the head to clear sight.
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    I used the bullheads for my very first season for hunting turkey.  I have a 30″ draw.  I used Victory Vforce V100 .300 spine shafts that were not cut.  They were full length.  I fletched them with 5″ feathers and had zero issues with them as far as flying and clearance.  You will just want to orient at least one blade down to clear your sight housing.
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    I almost pulled the trigger on some 100 grn heads today, but held off.  I’ve got a pair of un cut arrow shafts a couple of years ago with Blazers on them.  I’ve heard 5 inch fletches work better and four of them. What is the line of thought?  Any offset on the fletching?


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    I got a pack of 125 ga. Bull Heads today. Hope to try them out as soon as my ZXT comes in.
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    I’m a newb looking at getting my first broadheads, Bullheads. How do I determine if I should go with the 100s or the 125s? Helim, 26″ 60 lbs currently, ratcheting up over the next few weeks. I’m thinking of getting the Bullhead kits from Magnus for simplicity, if you want to comment on them, too. Thanks.
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    I have the Magnus Bullhead kit (Victory 4 vane arrow) and 125 gr. broadheads. They fly great for me, I just need to get a turkey to hold still {#emotions_dlg.mathews_arrow}
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