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    I really like the look of Mathews wood grips on the Lost Camo risers.  The wood grip blends very nicely with the Lost Camo colors, and ensures a classy look to the bow.  While the aesthetics are pleasing, I must confess that the current grip is fat.  The girth is comfortable to hold, but the girth also makes it somewhat challenging to properly place in the hand for torque free shots.

    Enter the Focus Grip from Mathews.  I was very happy to hear of the new Focus Grip.  I am a fan of skinny grips on bow risers.  I called my local dealer to enquire about having a Focus Grip put on my Mathews Reezen 6.5, but he informed me that right now, the Focus Grip is only available in plastic.  Specifically, ugly black plastic…

    I know that Mathews uses a lot of automation in the fabrication of their products.  I believe that the Focus Grip probably exists as an engineering model.  With some new part specific tooling, that model could be loaded onto a 5 axis machine, and Mathews could make some wooden Focus Grips.

    My suggestion is that Mathews should mill some wooden Focus Grips!  If you agree, jump onto this post, and let’s see if Mr. Mcpherson will make us some wooden Focus Grips!

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    It’s more of a rubber material than plastic. I actually like the looks and feel of it the wood is nice also but like you said just a little to bulky for my taste.
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    Well … I hear ya’ … but those synthetic stocks on rifles are ugly, even though they perform better in a wide range of temperature differences and humidity … Ugly is ugly … how I love the exotic woods, the maple birdseye, the walnut burls … but then art isn’t always the same as science.

    Yeah, I’d pay more to get a really beautiful wood grain grip … but then as the World’s forests shrink, old wood is becoming more rare. What my Grandfather thought of as Standard Stock is now Ultra-Grade with a premium price.

    … I once had a bow with an inlaid Bubinga riser, dang … why did I ever sell it? {#emotions_dlg.mathews_brick_wall}

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    I agree garcher, wood grip, stocks, are prettier. Funny how the price jumps.

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    Yeah, I would like a nice thin wood grip as the focus. But, it wont work. The wood would be entirely to thin and crack.
    Now, have a wood tone on a plastic or fiber focus style handle and I think you would be happy enough as we all would be. One way to do it would be to have your focus handle dipped in a wood tone. It wont feel like wood, of course. But the function of the handle is to important to go with “what looks pretty” over function and design..
    Good luck with this.


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    I like wood over synthetics too. I have thought of going to the Focus grip but I do alright with the grip on my Creed. Isn’t the grip on the new Mathews smaller than the past? I shot FX, Outback, Switchback and it seems the Creed grip is smaller.
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    i really like mine and glad i got it engraved buck on it !
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    I agree that the wood grips look awesome on bows. I think hotshots right that the wood would be to thin to make a focus grip. Although I would love to see them do an integral grip with wood inlays like the safari on flagships or at least make it an option.
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    You might want to check out TorqueLess Grips
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    I absolutely love my wood grips on my Mathews Helim and Monster! I agree it just blends with the lost camo very well, and looks really classy. I have picked up held and drew a bow with a focus grip and I did like it, but I like how the wood grip feels in my hand better than the focus grip.. and I have average sized hands..{#emotions_dlg.mathews}
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    I agree.  make new grips but smaller and not so cheap looking
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    I was never a big fan of the Mathews grip, for me they always felt fat in my hand so my last 4 Mathew bows I have switched out to the torqueLess grips IMO they are the best after market grip out there. When they came out with the focus grip like you I was not impressed mostly cause of the appearance I’m also a fan of wood grips, it wasn’t till the purchase of my Chill that I fell in love with this grip as far as feel in hand and yes I wish it was wood  but this will be my first Mathews bow that doesn’t get a grip change. In this case performance out ranks appearance {#emotions_dlg.mathews_thumbs_up}
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    Guess I’m not fussy. Truth is I  probably don’t know any better. The old fat wood grips were fine to me until they came out with the thinner wood grips. I replaced the fat grip on my Reezen shortly after trying the newer, thinner grips. Somehow I didn’t like the feel of the Focus grip. Mathews could move to a wooden side plate grip that blended in with the back of the riser – close to removing a grip completely while keeping a little wood for looks.
    Couldn’t get much thinner IMO.
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    Thanks for the point to Torqueless!

    Good point about the wood cracking…  Maybe a supper sturdy laminated wood/plastic, or micarta – just not ugly black plastic/rubber looking black plastic/rubber!

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    Take your grip off and sand  it down to as thin as you want! It is really that simple!
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