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    I’ve had my eyes on the Gamehide Monster jacket and bibs since last season and I’m about ready to break down and get the set. I saw Gamehide has them both on sale right now. My question is, for those of you who wear Lost Camo in the woods, how does it blend in? I’m in NE Indiana. Thanks!
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    creek walker

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    I have the Helim jacket and pants and love them. They blend in really well in late fall and winter, mostly hunt eastern tennessee.
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    I have the suit your shopping for and had a different suit before that one came out.  Lost really only works in late fall and very well in winter.  Simply there isn’t any green in the pattern
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    I love lost camo, and it works very very well. I have the monster jacket and overalls that you are going to get and they are very toasty even on the coldest days.. I just cant wait tell the solo tech jacket and pants come out!!!
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    I have the monster jacket and bibs. I love the camo pattern. They are warm and pretty light in weight compared to some of the other outfits i have worn in the past. I did have a problem with them leaking and called gamehide in Oct 2011.  I had to wait until the following July for them to replace them because they were out of stock.
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    Bow Drawn

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    I think the pattern works in most places or seasons. I watched a show last night with two bowhunters in Lost Camo hunting elk out west and they looked well concealed. Better than RT or MO patterns I’ve seen in the same terrain among the Rocky Mountains pines, blow downs popular trees with the green back grounds. Both took elk that looked right at them at close range.

    I have worn it Ohio from early to late season and it worked. I wore it out in the high desert of eastern Colorado and it did pretty good.

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