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    I use my 7.62 PredatAR for hunting and would like to break up the all black a little. Thinking about adding FDE index clips and grip adapter panels. Possibly get a stock and grip in FDE, as well. I hunt in very open terrain. Sometimes I even have to carry my own brush. Might consider painting it my self. Just not sold on that idea, yet.

    Here are a few pictures of my rifle in it’s “native” environment.

    Had to carry a cedar branch with me on this hunt. Killed 5 doe inside a 30 minute span.

    This photo gives you an idea of the open terrain.

    Trace had a good evening hunt a couple weeks ago. We plopped down beside some sparse brush, and he killed a buck and a doe in a 15 minute span. They both were inside 30 yards. I guess that probably is proof that I may not REALLY need to worry about rifle camo.

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    Look at it from the other side after you make sure it’s unloaded.  It disappears really fast.
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    Look at it from the other side after you make sure it’s unloaded. It disappears really fast.

    Oh, I know it is not that visible. And, I have killed almost 20 deer with this rifle this year while on the ground (as opposed to sitting in a blind). My spot and stalk skills have increased quite a bit this year while hunting this open terrain. The more time that I spend in the field, the more I pay attention to detail.

    There have been multiple times that deer have spotted my setup from the side. I will admit that some deer have met their demise due to curiosity after noticing something was different in the grass. But, I have also been pinned down while trying to gain a better shooting position on a specific deer. That is one of the reasons that I have taken cedar branches with me on some hunts. With very little cover in any direction, you literally have to watch every motion and potential silhouette that you may present. I cover as much skin and break up my silhouette as much possible. Thus, I believe that doing something with the rifle will be one more step to concealment among the grasses and sparse brush.

    Plus, it may look cool. And, we all know that COOLNESS kills! {#emotions_dlg.mathews_monster_blue}

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    If you’re so inclined, I say, DIY.  I’ve done bows, guns, boats, motors, cameras, blinds, tree stands, anything that needs it.  A little bit of thought, material and technique can produce amazing results.  Think it through and good luck if you go that route.
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    Cerakote end to end in FDE. If nothing else it’ll look dead sexy. Take a look on arfcom if you haven’t yet, you’ll get enough ideas to make your head explode.{#emotions_dlg.mathews_peace}
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    Unless you have the equipment to DIY, I say don’t do it. I’ve seen some botch jobs from friends ‘first time’. Cerakote is the way to go through. Patterns and colors are endless. Go to their website and you’ll be there for hours. Find a reputable shop to send it to. I only know of one though personally. Modern Paladin Firearms I think does it.

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    I think black is a great camouflage!
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    Send it to me Micky.  I’ll try out some different duct tape patterns and give you my unbiased opinion after only 2 deer seasons.  Don’t mention it.  I’d be glad to help.  {#emotions_dlg.mathews_whistle}
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    Kryptek will make it blend in some.
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