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  • December 6, 2012 at 11:13 am #497108 Back to Top REPORT

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    Im guessing he was injured and dropped these early.

    Anyone else have any guesses

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    Nice find and that would be my guess too…
    The end is near....
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    Jeff K in IL

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    Hope it’s due to injury, and not stress from the terrible summer weather.
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    Hope nobody mistakes him for a doe and he gets bigger next year!


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    Super nice find! The new indiana doe season may be his last week on this earth…what a bummer!
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    Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen them drop this early. Earliest I ever found one was 26 Dec.

    Hope he makes it.

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    Im still seeing 3 large bucks on my property about twice a week. Muzzle loader comes in this weekend and Im pretty sure other then me there is only one person that has not got a buck. I will def. be watching for him. At the end of season when I put up the trail cams on my feeders I hope to catch a picture. Will be on the hit list for sure…..
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    Man I can’t wait till shed season, those are great sheds! Is it cold where you live? If it is they might have just fallen from the stress of the rut and lowering temperatures.
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    Here in upstate, NY it’s not unusual for some bucks to drop their antlers this time of year. Others will hang on to them well into March. Two years ago, in mid-December I took a buck with half a rack. Now finding those drops is a whole different story. That’s a great find!
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    The temp has consistently been in the mid 40 ave. during the day and low to mid 30’s at night. Not really cold enough for them to drop.
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    Really nice find! 8D
    Around Christmas is probably the earliest I have found any.
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    Nice find! Is he in a count where the new anterless season might get him?
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    My guess is he is probably dead if they get injured bad enough to shed this early they usually don’t make it.
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    My uncle was hunting with his neighbor several years ago and the neighbor shot the biggest doe of his life during Ohios shotgun week. This was the week after Thanksgiving
    But it was a big buck that had shed!
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    :D Up here we see a lot of the bigger deer shed around this time…and smaller later with smallest holding on until march…it could be just how hard he was stressed during the rut…

    JMHO :D

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