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    Have a friend who would like to begin shooting. Best guess right now is 34 to 35 inch draw. I’m clueless where to look. Any suggestions?
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    I recently fitted a guy that is 6’8″ and his proper DL was 32.5″.

    Have your friend stand with back to wall and spread his arms as wide as possible, then measure from middle finger tip to middle finger tip. Divide the wingspan measurement by 2.5 to get a close approximation of his proper Draw Length.

    A good thumbrule is a person’s height is equal to their wingspan. If your friend actually has a 34″~35″ DL, that would put him at about 7’3″ tall.

    If your friend in fact requires a 34 to 35″ DL, the bow will most likely have to be custom ordered. The Hoyt Tribute has an option for 34″ DL, and I know of no other bow with a longer DL.

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    :D For anything over that 32.5″….Mathews offers the PROSTAR that will accommodate draw lengths of 31 to 37 inches with half inch sizes also available.
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