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    I was trying to lengthen the valley on my new creed. I removed the rubber and metal sleeves from the limb stop screw and slid a thin piece of rubber tubing over the screw. It turns out that I tightened the screw too far and when I drew the bow the head of the screw caught the edge of the limb and left a small nick. It seems to have gone a little bit deeper than just the paint and slightly into the fiberglass. I just got this bow so I suppose that I may just be being paranoid but it this anything I should worry about. I’m attaching pictures. Thanks
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    Tough call.

    I would probably take it to the dealer to show it to them.  It doesn’t look that serious to me though.  I’d probably shoot it like a wild man.


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    shoot it
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    From the looks of it I’d say not to worry. If it starts to splinter in the future, stop shooting.
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    I would have it replaced. Thats a pretty good chunk and will eventually start splitting.
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    I don’t mean to be too accusative, but when one decides to re-engineer a bow, they have to think it through, and if they don’t have the know-with-all to do that, they have to accept the consequence’s.

    It’s not like I’m a know it all, or some bow genius, because I’ve damaged or blown up more bows than most have owned.

    Given the damage you’ve shown, I’d just sand it out smooth, shoot it, watch it, and if nothing happens, chalk it up to experience … enough bad experience makes you and expert, eh?

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