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    Anybody have a LifeProof case for the Iphone5 ? Do you like the case, is it worth the cash ??
    What color do you have ?

    Thanks !

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    Don’t know anyone who has the case. Most of my friends who have the iPhone aren’t that likely to need that kind of  phone protection.

    Considering the replacement cost of a high end phone, the price isn’t much different than buying a good case for your bow – about the same cost ratio.

    good luck – I’m sure someone out there has one.

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    bootheel boy

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    I’ve got a friend that has one for his iphone4.  He has had it since December and so far he likes it.  He has three small children who are always playing angry birds or something on his phone.  To me it doesn’t look much better than the otterbox but he did say it was waterproof.  Water is what ruined his last phone.
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    I had one on my Iphone 4s.  I gave it to my niece.  I had to take the case off every time I wanted to plug it into my phone stereo bases I have at home. I did sink it in water and it worked great (just to try it). I had a white one.  I used it at work all time when I worked in the field.  I would be working on valves, bonnets,.. etc.  I could just wash it off at the end of the day if grease/dirt was on it.  No problems.
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    Look into the otterbox armor. I have one and its miles better than the life proof.
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    Had one also. Worked good just didnt like that u have to use that adaptor thing to plug in earphones. Also the wife said it sounded muffled pretty bad when talking to me. They are good for water protection, but i wouldnt submerge it too often cause lifeproof will not cover anything except the case itself. Is it worth the near $80 or so…NA
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    I have one for my Iphone 4S in Tactical (sand colored)… The protection that this case provides is awesome because I fish, hunt, sweat, work outdoors… the only thing I really dont like about it is the adapter needed for the earphone jack.  I’ve been a few places where people were playing music from their phones into a system and I was unable to join in the fun because I didn’t have the adapter with me.  You also can ONLY use the standard Apple charger with the case… aftermarket chargers do not fit.
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