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    levi has been signed by elite archery, bummer.
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    Yep I saw that on FB. I heard rumors last year that these two where going to another bow company.   He and Darrin C. made a video saying they made the switch to Elite. I don’t know either of them personally and over the years I’ve enjoyed what advise they shared about the sport. I’m sure this will shake up things in the 3D arena for the next year. Levi has some more responsibility now that he has a child and a new house. Samantha is staying home most of the time so it’s all about the $$$$ when comes down to it.
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    Personally, I’ve never cared who shot for whom … almost any bow with some tweaking will shoot arrows into the same hole out of a Hooter Shooter. Many think its the bow rather than the Indian that makes the difference, but if the truth be known, Top Pros could beat 99% of us with a WalMart setup.

    But Top Pro vs. Top Pro is different … millimeters make the difference of being First or also ran, and there is no room for personal mistakes or equipment failure. Now, Levi must win with the Elite equipment. Coming in second or third to Mathews and Hoyt shooters isn’t where the money is for Elite. In the final analysis, besides having to produce wins, his working relationship with and Elite’s cooperation will determine the success of switching sponsors.

    It just makes so much sense for top competitive athletes to go where they are best rewarded for their skills. Its done all the time in Pro ball, Golf, etc. Often the incentive to sign new contracts isn’t just tournament $$ but paid positions with the company, like Technical Advisor, Consumer Representative, or Sales Manager, etc. Hardly anyone can make a decent living just from tournament money.

    I wish Levi Good Luck in his new venture {#emotions_dlg.mathews_thumbs_up}…but I’ll still be bowhunting with a Mathews {#emotions_dlg.mathews_wink}

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    Maybe it’s just me but the timing of this is suspect to me. Announcing this right before Mathews brings out their line of bows. {#emotions_dlg.mathews_taunt}
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    Maybe it’s just me but the timing of this is suspect to me. Announcing this right before Mathews brings out their line of bows.{#emotions_dlg.mathews_taunt}

    Had to wait until his contract was up.

    I’m with GJ…I could care less what celeb shoots what bow.

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    {#emotions_dlg.sign_iagree} … I would think it has more to do with Contract dates than any other issues.

    On another note, Levi Morgan received a lot of recognition for his wins with Mathews, mostly because of Mathews’ aggressive advertising.

    Elite really doesn’t put forth much in advertising presence, so I hope Levi doesn’t suffer for it as Dave Cousins seems to have with G5 Outdoors, who doesn’t even post up Dave’s wins on their Facebook page or website.

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    Not to mention the TV shows. I’m sure Elite wont be able to put the money up to produce 2 TV shows for Levi. Plus most of the places he went to film the shows were Mathews sponsored like Table Mountain outfitters.  He might regret this down the road.
    I’m with GJ I’ll still be hunting with my Mathews.
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    i am on same boat with GARCHER ,well its all about money for some ! but not me !
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    The Mathews brand is much bigger than the performance of one or two of their competitive shooters.

    As far as I know, Mathews and Matt McPherson treated Levi and Darrin very well  during their time with Mathews.

    I wish Levi and Darrin the best but I won’t buy an Elite bow because they now shoot for Elite.

    I’m looking forward to the 2014 Mathews lineup because I’m in the market for a new bow..a new “Mathews” .

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    I have seen a few of Levi’s shows and he is a great shot and his shows are pretty good. I did not watch because he shot a Mathews but I was aware of it.

    I will probably always shoot Mathews because both my Legacy and my Helim can shoot better than I can and I like them a lot.

    Being open minded though, I believe there are features other bow companies offer that Mathews should consider. Perhaps all the chatter about a pro shooter switching companies is a good time to consider (Mathews design engineering) a few things. One is in my opinion, shorter is not always better. I am over 50 (still remember longer ATA bows) and am not a fan of the short bows with a low brace height. Mathews seems to want to trend that way and if anything ever pushed me away from the brand it will be that. I can’t shoot a low brace height bow. Not all companies have stopped making longer ATA “hunting” bows. Another is the built in draw length adjustment some companies offer. I usually shoot a 28″ draw comfortably. My Legacy is a 28″ draw and was/is perfect for me. When I bought my Helim I ordered the same spec. Well I was surprised to find with the bow in spec that the draw length was considerably over 28″ (like 28-3/8 to 28-1/2). In talking to my dealer he said “Oh, you should have gotten a 27-1/2 draw if you wanted 28″. Whatever, I bought a new 27-1/2″ draw length cam and now I am ok (I had started thinking I shrunk, ha). It would have been nice to just move a pin to adjust out the over draw……….. Just saying.

    I have a friend that has shot the same Q2 for 12 years. He shot an Elite and he said he hates to consider it but that is probably his next bow. I said why hate to consider? If that is what shoots for you go for it.

    Like many here, I could care less what a pro shoots. I like my Mathews and that is the reason I have one. Also why I ride a Victory motorcycle. I rode others before I bought but this one fit me. I also don’t care what another archer shoots bow wise. If he likes what he is shooting great.

    Anyhow, interesting Levi is shooting for Elite. I think it is more a $$ deal than a better bow issue.

    I will be hunting this weekend with my Helim, probably not too concerned about Levi or Elite. LOL


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    ELITE Rocks. Got the 2013 Hunter and shooting better, easier on me and it flat out kills!!!
    My Buck killing skills are sick – too bad there not contagious!!! Big Bucks are easy - That's why I let them go and shoot little young ones :)
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    I’ll be shooting Mathews too.
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    I cant remember a time when “who shot the bow” came into my mind when I looked and tested bows.
    Frankly….I don’t even care who wins the most trophies.
    I know what I like so…that’s what I buy.
    Really, I think a guy should look at the companies reputation for service and how the bows hold up without to much negative review.
    Who shoots them wont help me at all when I have a service problem.

    He shoots for a living so who can blame him for looking and going with the money at his point in life.
    Beyond that…I don’t care who he shoots for.


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    November 1, 2013 at 5:22 pm #602396 Back to Top REPORT

    Chad Frazier

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    There has recently been a lot of folks leaving Mathews. Jay Gregory ,and  Levi are only a few. I personally think it’s all about endorsement, and money. These guys sell themselves like pieces of meat on the corner, they sell themselves to the highest bidder.
    This isn’t the first time there has been a change in tide, when it comes to popular bow manufactures and I’m sure it won’t be the last.  Actually Mathews stayed longer on the top, then the average company does. So kudos to them.
    I really don’t care about celebrity  sponsor. I’ll shoot a MATHEWS!!!!
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    He left because he didn’t like the new forum format either.  Elite has a much more active forum these days.
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