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  • November 8, 2013 at 6:49 pm #604199 Back to Top REPORT

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    I’ll shoot them tomorrow and give you guys a report.
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    Ok so I know everyone is kind of quick to judge the new bows Mathew’s came out with based on specs but here is my review after I took a little time tonight to shoot them. The Creed xs for being a short bow actually very nice. It was set up with just a loop and a QAD HDX. When I drew the bow it had a bit of a stiff draw cycle but fell smoothly into the valley and nice and solid at the backwall. The bow held very steady and at 10 yards with no sight I was able to stack a dozen arrows within 3 inches. At the shot it had no jump, no vibration and one of the quietest bows I have ever shot. My conclusion was that it felt better to me than the creed but a little stiffer draw. Very smooth otherwise and I would not have a problem shooting this bow. Also the chronograph surprised us all. 28″ 72.5 lbs with a 400 grain arrow and the speed for all three arrows was 295 fps. that puts the IBO speed at 327fps. It shot 5 fps faster than his creed with at the same poundage and 30″ drawlenght.
    The ChillR was what I expected. Insanely smooth draw and quiet vibe free shot. I did notice a little kick at the shot though. It was definitely the best drawing dual cam I have ever shot. The back wall was nice and solid and the bow held beautifully. It was set up with an Axion Pulse and a loop. Speeds with a 400 grain arrow 28″ draw and 72 lbs was 310 fps which puts the IBO at 344. After shooting both bows I may have to sell my mr6 for a new chillR.

    thanks for the review.

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    I have been in Alabama on a business trip this week. I found time today to go to the Mathews dealer in Anniston. I shot both the CreedXS and the Chill R. first off I do love a short ATA bow for hunting. However, after reading all the reviews I had predetermined I would not like the CreedXS. After shooting bow throws several shots I can tell you I freaking LOVE the XS. It had incredible smooth draw. I loved the draw stop and no vibration. It was a dream to shoot. The Chill had a great draw cycle and smooth shooting but had a little more noise then the XS. I hunt animals pure and simple. I don’t shoot competition seriously. I think this XS is going to be a killing machine!

    Mathews must have figured there would be a lot who agree with you.{#emotions_dlg.mathews_thumbs_up}

    must be the difference in the bows there and here cause i shot them side by side and there was a noticeable difference in noise.  When talking to the dealer at the shop he agreed that the xs while a good shooter was louder than the ChillR. he marveled about how quiet the ChillR is and i would have to agree that’s why i will be getting the ChillR. just need to decide if trading my Creed will be the best option or sell it outright after the season.

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    I shot the Chill R today at 70 lbs and 28″ draw; I normally shoot 27.5 at 65 lbs with my Helium.  The draw cycle was great, just like everyone has mentioned.  I was a little surprised at the vibration, but the bow was bare besides d loop and rest.  I was even more surprised they had to tie a d loop on it, no one around here went to shoot it yet!  The increased stability of a slightly heavier and longer bow was very noticeable to me, which was the biggest reason I went to give it a try.  The back wall was very nice as well, much more defined than I expected.  Overall, if my dealer would take my Helium back on trade (I’m pondering selling it online, though I’m leery of this) I might consider this bow as it fits my hunting preference well; my home is out West, and I’m usually chasing elk/mule deer.

    I’ve been reading quite a few dismal threads on the new Mathews bows and the Company this week.  After shooting this new offering, I was honestly happy my two year old “flagship” wasn’t blown out of the water.  I appreciate that I don’t have to upgrade every couple years because technology has evolved so much.  In my opinion progress has happened in 2014, and I feel more and more that the solo cams are being targeted at a certain product desire, while the new Chill & Chill R are attempting to offer something unique among the bigger & faster bows out there.  I won’t deny I was a little surprised they shortened the Creed – I wanted something fresh this year as well, but after shooting that Chill R, I feel like I got it.

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    Like many who saw Mathews new line unveiled, my first impression was “really, this is what you have to offer: spinoffs from the previous years bows?!” Needless to say I was pretty disappointed with the company whose mantra was “innovation”.  But, I resisted posting anything until I actually had the chance to shoot the new line-up, which is what I did today. Mathews were set at 70# and 28″ draw. Hoyts set at 65# and 28.5″ draw.

    I should preface this post by saying that I have a penchant for longer ata bows, due to severity of string angle and stability. When I first saw the XS my impression was that this was just another bow catering to the Eastern U.S. tree stand hunter, and not us Western guys who mix it up with mostly spot and stalk methods. In other words, this was just another version of the Z7 Extreme. Now that I have had the chance to shoot the bow, I can honestly say I was the least impressed with this one. I shot the XS, Chill R, Hoyt Carbon Spyder 30 and Faktor 30 all side-by-side. However, I did group very well with the XS, with little to no tuning done prior to walking into the shop and sending arrows downrange. However,  it seemed to be very jumpy and spongy, with a large break just right before you get to the valley, which made for an awkward draw cycle. This bow may work for some, just not me.

    On the other hand, the Chill R was an absolute dream to shoot. I owned an original 2013 Chill which I traded in for a Spyder. Like stated before, after I saw the specs I was leery Mathews had only altered a few specs and tried to market the Chill R as a “new bow”. Well, I can tell you with just a few minor tweaks to the brace height for more speed and long axle-to-axle for more stability, this bow was hands down my favorite amongst the four I shot side-by-side. The decrease in brace height and accuracy/stability problems it might present was non-existent. Held tremendous on target, was very fast (something Mathews isn’t necessarily known for), and had absolutely no hand shock. Overall, this bow gets an A+ from me.

    I still have yet to shoot the Faktor Turbo before I decide which bow will be accompanying me in 2014, but as it stands right now, the Chill R is the leader going into the clubhouse.

    Moral of the story, before you pass judgment onto Mathews new line, go shoot the bows; you may be pleasantly surprised like I was.

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    Good review Tactdriver
    November 10, 2013 at 6:19 am #604348 Back to Top REPORT

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    I’ll shoot them tomorrow and give you guys a report.

    I’m waiting, Kevin….

    I expect a full review from you when I get home from church. {#emotions_dlg.mathews_shame_on_you}

    Actually, I’m hunting after church, so you have until 8:00pm this evening, so don’t stress yourself out. {#emotions_dlg.mathews_big_smile}

    November 10, 2013 at 7:22 pm #604431 Back to Top REPORT

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    Actually I did not get to shoot either bow this weekend.  But I was able to give each a good examination, both in gross and fine detail.

    Since most of the bows we stock are in the 30-31″ ATA range, the ChillR looked somewhat out of place on the rack as you scan the whole inventory.  I guess that’s an indicator of how out of vogue  long (33″ATA) bows are these days.  The finish on the ChillR was excellent in black with blue accents and the feel was very nice with the Focus Grip on our demo bow.  ( I really have come to like the Focus Grip).  Not near as heavy as the MR series of bows with a good balance front to back and side to side.  The limbs seemed even more past parallel than the Chill but I am not sure about that.

    Now for the CreedXS.  I was predisposed not to like it, but remembering that an additional half-inch of brace height was added that somewhat offsets the 2 inch reduction in ATA, it softens my predisposition to rule it out solely based upon its length.  It felt good in hand, and I liked it much better still than the ZXT’s that we have had in terms of balance and weight.  So, in its size class, I still would prefer it to previous Mathews bows like the ZXT, the DXT, and the Z7 Extreme, all single limb bows.  I think it looks nicer as well.

    Should get to shoot each this week sometime.  I will set them at about 62# and shoot some of my hunting arrows through them and we’ll see what kind of numbers we get.  Will also set them up with an Axion Pulse rest with just a loop. I’m also going to shoot them against my current rig for comparison through the chrony and compare vibration, noise and jump.


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    November 10, 2013 at 8:30 pm #604445 Back to Top REPORT

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    Well..  A  trip from Canada to the US over the weekend.. My sole  purpose was to spend some time with the new ChillR as well as sit poolside and relax! Both were accomplished.

    The demo bow was set up with an ugly cookie rest, peep and D-loop 6″ Axion stab… The DW was @ 65#… As many have stated, the draw cycle was VERY smooth.. Equipped with the correct draw length mods the wall was not “mushy” at all as others have stated.

    Before I continue I must comment on last years Chill… In short, it shot very well as presumed, but the ATA was not to my  liking and I could feel the shortness at full draw.

    This years Chill offering was tweaked for sure…  the changes were minimal! A longer ATA and reduced overall bow mass, which was something many had wanted in the McPhearson series of bows. IMO the small “innovating” changes that were made had a drastic change with the overall feel of the bow. At full draw it held on target rock solid… I believe the ATA difference helped make this happen.

    I used a Carter Just B Cuz release…. The shot was crisp as could be. Shock in the hand afterward was not noticed at all, even though the demo had no wrist sling attached, therefore making the shooter grip the bow a little more than usual. The limb pocket and riser changes this year make the brace height length of 6 1/8 th a non issue in my opinion.

    After putting at least 30 arrows down range, I was thoroughly impressed!

    My new 3D bow for this year will most definitely be the ChillR….

    If I decide to replace my hunting rig …. which is currently the “old” Dren it will most likely be a ChillR..

    Just my thoughts

    November 11, 2013 at 11:33 am #604513 Back to Top REPORT

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    My new 3D bow for this year will most definitely be the ChillR….

    Wow, that says a lot.  Still trying to shoot one myself.  My archery shop is full of rifle hunters:-/

    November 12, 2013 at 11:49 pm #604832 Back to Top REPORT

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    I too watched with a heavy heart at the release of Mathews latest for 2014! BUT……I’ve learnt from over 15yrs of shooting Mathews bows that you’ve gotta shoot them first before you criticize!!

    Let me tell you, the ChillR is AMAZING. Mathews has but together a stunning bow in this 33″ dual cam Monster. A massive jump in feel and performance over the 2013 Chill. It is THE bow of 2014 IMHO.


    November 13, 2013 at 12:03 am #604833 Back to Top REPORT


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    can you get last years creed in crimson
    November 13, 2013 at 7:37 am #604841 Back to Top REPORT


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    I’ve visited three different bow shops and shot three different Creed XS and Chill R.  I have the luxury of having several dealers fairly close by and travel thelocal roads a good bit for work, and I wanted to have a larger sample size than one to see if there were any differences (i.e. – hating them because I shot a “bad one” or loving them because I shot a “good one”).  I have a 27.5″ draw, so the 28″ DL demo bows at each shop weren’t too far off.

    I haven’t owned a two-cam bow in many years, and last time I did, it was old technology.  Tougher to keep timed and a rattle trap when shot.  So I grabbed he XS first.  I like the looks of it, but feared it was a little too short for me.  The first one I shot was set at 65# on the scale, which is a hair over what I normally shoot.  The draw was smooth, and the back wall firm, but for some reason, the bow seemed a bit “jumpy” for me.  I did feel it was a bit squirrely while holding on target, even compared to the 30″ ATA Heli-m I currently hunt with.  However, in fairness, it did not have a stabilizer and was fairly bare bones when I shot it. A bit of added weight may help keep it more steady.  The string angle was a bit steep for my liking, even with the large idler wheel.  I couldn’t get the tip of my nose on the string without craning my neck, so it took away one anchor point indicator for me.  The bow was very quiet with no hand shock, but felt like it lacked power.   I simply wasn’t overly impressed, though it was a nice bow.

    Next I shot the Chill R.  It was cranked all the way down and was pulling just over 71 # on the scale, but I had no problem what so ever drawing the bow.  Draw stroke was very smooth, and back wall was very solid, even at 1/2″ over my normal DL.  I felt like I could hold at full draw for quite a while with no jumpiness or fatigue.  Even with no stabilizer, the 33″ ATA felt very steady on target.  The focus grip was extremely comfortable, and the bow just seemed to “fit.”  Zero hand shock or noise, and it just felt much more powerful.  Even with a draw length too long for me, a sight I had never shot, and a trigger release rather than my own thumb release, I was able to get repeatable accuracy out to 20 yards, meaning all three arrows were touching each other (or damn near) in the target.  I attribute this more to the forgiving nature of the bow than my “talents” as an archer.

    I didn’t get a chance to chrono the bows, but the Chill R certainly appears to be much faster.  All three of my shooting experiences at all three shops were remarkable similar, so I think it is relatively safe to rule out variables in individual bows as a reason for my like/dislike of either.  I fully expected to dislike the Chill R, and wasn’t in the market for a new bow.  But after shooting it,  I think I will be ordering one in Desert Tactical today.  I think it would make a great 3D bow for the occasional shoots I participate in, and I think it would make a great bow for elk and mule deer out west next season.  I certainly would not hesitate to take it in the woods in NC or WI where I frequent for whitetails or turkey either.   I have no real reason to buy a new bow, but following the logic my wife employs for shoe and purse purchases, can we ever have too many quality bows that shoot and look great?

    Just my unsolicited $.02.  Thanks for reading.

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    All great reading — thanks for sharing your reviews and keep them coming. {#emotions_dlg.mathews_nicethread} I have to agree with y’all. My impression of the Chill R is a remarkable difference in the Monster evolution.
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    All great reading — thanks for sharing your reviews and keep them coming.{#emotions_dlg.mathews_nicethread}I have to agree with y’all. My impression of the Chill R is a remarkable difference in the Monster evolution.

    X2…!!…. {#emotions_dlg.mathews_thumbs_up}

    I hope to read more of these reviews….

    Thanks for sharing guys!!



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