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    So what do ya all think about the legalization of marijuana?

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    I heard the other day that a rep in my state’s legislature has either introduced or intends to introduce a bill to legalize it. So far it hasn’t received much support according to the news article.

    Just heard on the news this morning that other states are considering it.

    What ya all think?

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    In a word……ridiculous!  {#emotions_dlg.mathews_thumbs_down} {#emotions_dlg.mathews_thumbs_down}{#emotions_dlg.mathews_thumbs_down} {#emotions_dlg.mathews_thumbs_down}
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    {#emotions_dlg.mathews_thumbs_up} No problem with legalizing it. Never going to stop it and there is no reason to stop it. The laws now ruin lives and solve nothing.
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    i heard an interesting point.  the speakers drew some parallels with legalized gambling.

    back in the day, it was only legal in a few spots.  as more and more states started allowing big casinos, and other states started seeing the revenues..they all started jumping on board.  big money.

    i think the same thing will happen.  i think (THINK!) 7 states allows it now.  as the states start raking in the big tax money, i think more will join the ranks.

    treat it like booze, hard alcohol.  no DUI’ the crap out of it.  not everyone can legal build and run a booze still.  dunno.

    the drug cartels are gonna be bummed.

    i dont smoke at all, or drink much.  i couldnt afford the cheetos and french fries.

    i would become a pothead if i ever get cancer and go thru treatments.

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    Fine with it. Alcohols worse.
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    I hate seeing kids smoking it… not for moral reasons… in that sense it is no worse than booze, which they drink as well.  When the brain is developing it is not the time to be introducing different  chemicals to it… it affects the way it develops.  Not the best motivator either so kids that smoke it tend to get really lazy and sloppy… something else that doesn’t really help them learn to be successful.

    I don’t like the effect it has on the environment.  There are large parts of the National Forests in California I won’t even think about hunting for fear of running into a grow and some “growers” that don’t take kindly to visitors…  The sediment from the grows is really screwing up the streams for steelhead and salmon and they haven’t even begun to recover from all the damage that was done by logging…

    On the other hand, you aren’t going to make it go away and every other attempt to legislate morality ends up making things worse…

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    well its time to throw my hat into the ring .
    I really hate to let you all down , but sadly to say … I don’t partake .
    in my youth 40 yrs ago is a different subject .
    in my opinion , I have watched two or more drunks beat the living h#ll out of each other . I have never seen two stoners ever get into a fight .
    now to this point we have been talking smoking mary jo .
    hard drugs as we have seen destroys life . totally evil to our society .
    if you receive subsidies of any kind from scources that were paid with our tax money , I think you should drug and alchohal tested  once a month . if you have enough money to buy drugs and booze then you don’t need our help with food stamps or any other subsidized programs .
    so where does this lead . if we allow mary jo does that open the door to the harsher chemically dependent drugs ?
    if you go to work and they smell alchohol on your breath , you will probably get breathalized and fired or forced to take a rehab to regain employment . does that mean that if you come to work and are a little glassy eyed you should be tested  ( guilty until proven innocent ? )
    I personally think that the government has opened a can of worms ( alls the gov. wants is taxes off of it )
    so if its legalized ….. do the drug cartels disappear ? or does the graff and corruption get worse on the border .
    as with everything that involves Obama , Holder or Clintons it will be totally corrupt .
    just my 2 cents
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    ^^^  and you went with the username..”doobie”??

    that is fantastic..i dont smoke weed as well.  i watched a good buddy derail..i had to not smoke or i would have spiraled down with him..

    he ruined my pot-days :D..hahhaha..

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    I can’t stand the stuff. Anyone who needs to get high or intoxicated to escape their life has big problems. It’s sad our economy is in such bad shape law makers are willing to legalize it just for the tax revenue. For me it’s just not worth it the risks.
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    I can’t stand the stuff. Anyone who needs to get high or intoxicated to escape their life has big problems. It’s sad our economy is in such bad shape law makers are willing to legalize it just for the tax revenue. For me it’s just not worth it the risks.

    What about the one guy that drinks one beer after mowing their lawn? I’d hardly consider that trying to escape problems. I don’t think pot is anyone’s escape plan. Dunno.

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    No one’s life is ruined by drinking a beer so why should smoking a bowl full of pot ruin another’s life. Kids are not allowed to drink nor should they be allowed to smoke pot. Anything done to extreme will take over ones life and it could make a mess of it. Why not make it legal and make the money off it like beer and wine sales or liqueur sales? I don’t drink and I don’t smoke anything anymore so I don’t have  a dog in this fight. But jail is not the answer and history is proving it over and over. Time to clear our jails and get organized crime out of neighborhoods selling the stuff.
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    bootheel boy

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    I know everyone has the right to their own opinions and that is mine. It’s just where morally I draw the line. We just have to agree to disagree. The thought of a little doesn’t hurt anyone could also apply to many other drugs but I don’t want any of them legal also. Some people I’m sure could probably use a drug and not get addicted others can’t. I know of way to many people who’s life had been ruined or are being ruined by drugs and alcohol and I don’t want others to potentially follow suite. Most of the people I know with serious problems drug started with just a little pot and snow balled from there. I could go on for hours about this subject but I will stop my rant here.
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    Understanding what I do now, I am certain that if someone wants to help their glaucoma there are much better ways to do so than to smoke marijuana.  In fact, if that is the argument being used, it is more a case of them just wanting to smoke for getting high than for the medicinal benefit.

    What happens if an employer requires a drug test and finds it in someone’s system in a state where it is legal?  Can that employer dismiss the employee?

    When I hired people in the past,  I had visual clues as to whether or not they would be suitable for my company.  I can assure you that having this in your system would have meant a no-hire.  It’s an employer’s evaluation of a person’s morality, their judgment, and their trustworthiness.

    Most important for me is how I want the very best for people.  And I can hardly think of a circumstance where smoking (toking) is going to be the best choice for someone.  For me personally, I don’t drink, not because I think it’s entirely wrong, but because it’s not the best choice for me.  I’m looking for the best choice in about everything.  Main reason is, I want to be of my best faculty to prevent errors in judgment and saying things I might regret later. Those are both things that alcohol will cause you to do.  I think the same could be said of smoking pot.

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    In my last post I wanted to add the point you made about employers but couldn’t word it near as well as you did so I left it out. What about schools that drug test athletes, now you can’t drug test them. If dad is smoking in the living room and all over the house there is now no way to know if the kid has smoked it or not. What about employees that live in Colorado but work out of state. They will fail their employers drug test but could have been perfectly legal when they smoked it at home. The thing I always found odd about medical use was the people supporting it usually looked like jerry Garcia or some other hippy. Also if it’s medicine why does the dispensaries have tons of different flavors why not just one that contains the most chemical that is providing treatment?
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