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    Is it possible to get a more aggressive cam installed on a Legacy for more speed? If so where would you get one.
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    Nobody knows if there is a faster cam that can go on a legacy???
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    bootheel boy

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    I believe the legacy only had one cam option and it was 70 percent let off.  If there is a faster cam available it can be ordered through your local Mathews dealer, but I believe the legacy cam is the only one available.  A legacy has an ibo speed of 308 fps and will never be able to keep up with newer model shooting 330-340 fps But it can still be made as fast as it ever was. If you want your legacy to be faster your options are first make sure your bow is in specs and well tuned.  Next shoot as close to a 5 grains per pound arrow as you can.  Also remove as much weight off your string as possible such as silencers, tubed peeps, and metal nocks.  If your just wanting to squeeze out a few more fps these tips will work but will make you bow louder.  Hope this helps. {#emotions_dlg.mathews_peace}
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    To the OP. I have had a Legacy since 2004. I love this bow and it is very accurate. For no good reason I just bought a new Heli-M. Is it faster? I suppose so but not to the point that I can reduce site pins or see some extra accuracy etc.

    Could be because I am still getting to know this Heli-m BUT if I had to grab one bow and shoot forever more I would lean a tad to the Legacy.

    The Heli-M is still a great model, it is much lighter (a big deal for me) than my Legacy and I really saw that when I hunted out west this year. Shooting personality is a tad in favor of the Heli-M too but this is almost not measurable.

    I seem to hold that Legacy a little more stable on target and as I said before it is very accurate and as you know has a smooth draw cycle.

    I am not trying to hijack your post, just say that speed is not everything.

    As boot said a lighter arrow will get you some speed, and maybe OK for 3d’s but I would prefer a slower heavier arrow for hunting.

    I doubt Mathews would ever participate in a discussion regarding a new Cam so your only help might be from some custom bow mechanic. Maybe someone here has experimented with swapping out Cams, recalculating string and cable lengths on other bows. All that would be required and I bet someone has done that on a compound bow someplace. If you don’t get an answer here, over on Archery Talk they also have some open minded guys (like here) that may help you without giving you any BS.

    Good luck!

    Can I ask why more speed is desired? Not trying to talk you out of anything, just giving my experience and what my comparison of my Legacy is to a new higher speed bow, I don’t think it would change things much for you. Again, don’t know your reasons though.


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