Lefty or righty?

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    NC Thin Dawg

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    This is the probably the last time I’ll bump this thread. I really think it’s interesting though.

    I’m pretty sure if you graphed these responses you would see the bell-shaped curve indicating a normal distribution in the respondents. This type of distribution would make sense based on the number of LH and RH people in the world and also indicates that the majority of LHers are also left-eye dominant; same for the rightys. But the number of RHers that are left-eye dominant is almost twice the number of LHers that are right-eye dominant. Likewise the number of RHers that are right-eye dominant is about 2X the number of LHers that are left-eye dominant.

    An even smaller percentage of folks are ambidextrous. Again this fits the normal distribution.

    Interesting (at least to me). Thanks for participating! (Begs the question for me though, why the high percentage of LHers on the opening pages of the forum?) No problem. Just curious. [=}=]

    Cool though! 8D

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Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)