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    I am shooting a chill 29 in 70 lbs.  I shoot and easton axis 28 in 340 spine arrow with a 100 grain tip.  I am  a left handed shooter that has a horrible left tear.  I have tried everything possible.  Can anyone please help me.  Frustrated.
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    Look at the above guide from Easton and you’ll see on page 6 and 7 what appears to be an indication of a weak spine issue with your arrows. The setup you are using I’d try a stiffer spine like a .300 shaft arrow and see if it does not go away. If you can borrow one to try and have your local shop let you use one to check it with and if it’s the fix then invest in some stiffer arrows. The other potential test is too lower your poundage down to below half to see if that show a better tear pattern. If it does then it is the weak spined arrow making it tear wrong at full poundage.

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    I would say go with stiffer spined arrows or back the draw weight down also.  I have the same draw length, I backed my Reezen down to 63 lbs because my 340 spine arrows were not stiff enough to shoot at 70.
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