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    Which do you think is more effective?
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    leafy. i use the ASAT 3D suit.
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    My vote was for leafy because I’ve proven to myself that it is more effective. I have the Mossy Oak Diffusion 3-D Pullover, Pants, and Balaclava in Obsession camo and it’s remarkable how that stuff will break up your outline. I feel that I can “get away” with more open-type set-ups wearing 3-D clothing… and you should see how well it blends-in when hunting from a treestand during early archery season!

    I would advise anyone to give 3 Dimensional clothing a try… I’ve had outstanding results with mine! [=}=]

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    leafy for early season and standard for later when the leaves fall [=}=]
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    I voted standard because I don’t have any 3D clothing yet but I will before long. I like the TCS system from Cabela’s.

    http://www.cabelas.com/cabelas/en/templ … id=0039149

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    I got a leaf suit last year from LL Bean. That thing just rocks. I can’t believe how much the leaf cutouts work to break up the outline. I mean I can just disappear in that thing. I still want to try out some predator but… for right now I’m set.

    (The natural gear is good for my grassy hill side stuff I deal with in California!)

    :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup

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    I’ve always worn the leafy wear items from Cabelas…they work very well where we hunt.


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    I prefer standard, I think that leafy will draw more attention to you when the leaves have fallen which is during the best time of hunting.
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    I prefer standard.
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    I didn’t vote cause I use both and like them the same. I just use them at different times of the season. Leafy until the leaves are gone.
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    leafy. i use the ASAT 3D suit.

    That’s what I’d like to get :D ……….. for now I’ll make do with the current camo. The bow & outfitting it and a treestand/climbing sticks, etc. already took pretty much all of this year’s hunting $$$$, I guess I’ll have to give up food to afford more gear. :^O

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    Standard camo
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