Last Friday was my lucky day

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    Feeling incredibly blessed after Friday the 13th! That evening my wife and I were fortunate enough to purchase a 35 acre farm at auction. Its 2.5 miles from our home and we both just knew it was what we have been looking for for a long time. It will be awesome to hunt this year on property we own! The woodlot is small but has good potential. I just have to have a conversation with the neighbor that has considered it his private hunting grounds for 5 years.

    As if that didn’t make our day, there was a message when we got home that my son had drawn a PA cow elk tag!!! 20,000 applicants and he is one of 65 that will hunt elk in PA this year! He is at college and is going to have limited time to hunt but wow this is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. I have been applying for me and my sons every year since elk hunting started in PA (and they were old enough to hunt). We have never hunted elk or made any out of state hunts so even though its only a cow it’s still a big deal for us. The only downside is scouting and the season are going to cut into my archery time but I’m not complaining.

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    Congrats man.  It is a super feeling to have a piece of ground that is YOURS! I grew up asking for permission and hunting National Forest, and in my teens dreamed of having my own little piece of ground.  While I was in College, my father received the opportunity to purchase 38 acres from a guy whom we had always gotten permission to hunt on.  In 2007, 7 years after getting out of college and my wife and I getting our feet on the ground, family started, and finances stabilized, we began looking.  A 34 acre parcel that joined my dads place came up for sale and we were blessed to be in a position to acquire it.  Then, just last summer, 40 acres that joined that 34 became available, and we purchased it.  It is a wonderful feeling knowing I have somewhere to go hunt, manage, and enjoy in any way I wish. Congrats again man!
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    That is great news. Congrats.
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    Very nice! Good luck to your son too!
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    Congrats that’s awesome
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    Thats Awesome!



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