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    With me its whatever can be returned.
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    I keep them for anything farm related or work related…

    Same Here!

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    i save receipts for major purchases.

    groceries and day to day stuff, toss it. i hate clutter.

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    :^O :^O :^O ……. :shock:
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    we do as for grocery stores and sack it up and then turn it in to our Church :thumbup

    do you mean you turn in receipts from others purchases for the church to use at tax time? This kind of stuff really burns my hide, it is bad enough that citizens file fraudulent receipts to cheat the system but when a “so called” church does the same it really sickens me. Wonder why the true church faces so much criticism? because of things like this.

    Im hoping it means the food is donated and they keep the receipt for personal deductible contributions.[/quote:10wj3any]

    Me also….[/quote:10wj3any]

    I know around where I’m from, if you turn in the receipts to the church, they turn around and get a donation from the store based on a % of purchase receipts turned in. Has nothing to do with the church claiming it at tax time. [=}=][/quote:10wj3any]

    One grocery store in our town will donate a percentage of what you spend using your receipts to your church!!

    Who would think a church would scam the government??????[/quote:10wj3any][/quote:10wj3any]

    actually what i’m trying to say is ,
    what our town groceries store has been suffering ,so our [town] has came up great solution keep people out going to walmart buying foods there ,so when the church has 2000 turn in receipt and groceries store give back $2000 to the church ,

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