Kacie got her bird this morning!

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    I was blessed with the opportunity to take my “NO SO LITTLE” baby girl turkey hunting this morning! Where has the time went, she’s 12 now, going on 13 in August! After a long journey to get to this bird, we found ourselves set up in the corner of a field on the south end of a large farm I have access to…and we came in on the north end! This ol boy, although not taring it up gobbling, gobbled enough for us to keep tabs on him as he approached.  He popped out into the field at about 60 yards, and really put on a show strutting into the decoy.  The best part of the hunt was watching Kacie get excited and unnerved and hearing her breathing as he took his sweet time closing to 30 yards before she laid the hammer down on him with the 12ga 3″ magnum! 10.25 beard and 1″ spurs, a fine 3 year old!

    In case you are wondering what the 2nd pic of that little girl, barely past toddler age is, there is a sentimental side to this story also!  in 2008, when she was just 7 years old, she asked to tag along with me on opening day of spring season.  Her little brother Boomer, killed his first deer at 6, and first deer with a bow at 7, but Kacie just didn’t show the interest as early as he has.  She’d never even shot a gun at that point, terrified of the noise they made, but I said sure you can tag along.  I remember she had to take the ear muffs in case I shot, and she wore them ALL MORNING!  Anyway, even though the hunt unfolded a lot differently, that morning 5 years ago at about 10:00am we were sitting against the very same big oak tree that is just to the right of these rocks in the pic, and I killed a turkey with her sitting beside me watching.  This morning, I didn’t have to remind her of it either.  We had to set up quickly on her bird, so we weren’t doing any chatting, but as soon as she shot, she jumped up and said “DADDY I JUST SHOT THAT GOBBLER RIGHT WHERE YOU SHOT THAT ONE WHEN I WAS A LITTLE GIRL”!

    We shared a prayer together giving thanks to God for His creation and His blessings on us, and then spent the next 30 minutes chatting, laughing, and even sweating a little bit as we journeyed back to the truck.  I love so much each and every opportunity I have to spend time with my kids, and just as I said, I dont know where the last 12+ years have went since she was born, but I do know my time with her as a little girl is running thin, that I’m sad about!  But, I do look forward to seeing her grow into the beautiful woman that she is already becoming! I just pray God blesses me by allowing her to live to have children, and me to live to have grandchildren so I can do it all over again as an old man!

    Tomorrow, I get to take my beautiful wife!  And if the turkeys aren’t strutting and gobbling, maybe I’ll do a lil strutting and gobbling….. {#emotions_dlg.mathews_whistle}


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    Tell her congrats!{#emotions_dlg.mathews_thumbs_up}
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    Very cool!
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    Awesome tell her congratulations!
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