Jimmy Houston Bellar Deer Ranch Hunt

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    I know of russ bellar he is a big name in the coonhunting world I can promise that his Fenced in area is not as well fenced as most would think. The hound I have now has been in that fenced in area coonhunting and he got out and was run over. The deer was not drugged like most think either I think it was more of like a steroid to make him have massive body size not to make him stumble in front of a hunter the feds was way wrong on that one. I know the guy that feeds all of russ’s animals except for his hogs and russ’s deer are not drugged and are in a massive area that they can escape from but they stay in the area because of the feed. By the way the fence has been in the same shape since 1983

    Sorry, but that’s the biggest hogwash I’ve read. We drive by Bellar’s place all the time just off US 24 between Wabash and Peru, and the fence that is visible from Lover’s Lane is clearly a high-fence operation intended to keep his deer in. Bellar was charging thousands of dollars to hunt his captive deer. Furthermore he published videos of potential deer that were cataloged by number offering people specific deer to hunt.

    Bellar imported valuable deer to his operation, and bread others through insemination. They made every attempt to ensure that their animals did not vacate the premises. To this day, the fence is still in relatively solid condition. It was built to last.

    Several celebrities, including Ronnie Dunn and Jeff Wickersham testified against Bellar. Bellar maintained one large enclosure that encompassed close to 1500 acres, I believe, and at least one smaller enclosure that measured in single digit acreage that was frequently used for hunts.

    There is absolutely NO WAY that these were free-ranging deer. #-o

    Beyond that, Bellar has done his time, and JH and others have had their bad press, too, so other than helping to patrol our own ranks, I couldn’t care less about the history of the operation.[/quote:1s00die5]

    You seem to know alot more about it than I do! All I know is what Ive heard and seen pictures of. I do know several guys that coonhunt his place and they have all told me that there is plenty of holes in his fence(not saying we are talking about the same fence) but I have only heard of one other and that is the fence around his hog barn( the single digit acerage fence) that I promise no deer have been in. I really cant understand how he didnt get in trouble from jump street because there is government people at his place 24-7 365 keeping check on his hog operation so it would seem to me that with all that illegal stuff going on one of the government people would have said something sooner. But again all I know is what I HAVE HEARD AND SEEN PICTURES OF! I may be way off base but I do know that the people that is there alot has never lied to me and I dont think they ever will.[/quote:1s00die5]

    Maybe this is the confusion. Any feds or state officials that would be there would likely have only been there after his arrest/conviction. That took place several years ago. From what I’ve seen, there’s very, little if anything, going on at his place currently. All of the pens where we used to see deer daily appear empty. I believe he was forced to sell/disperse his herd.

    If there are hog hunts taking place there now, that’s news to me. As for coon hunters, I don’t know, but I’m pretty certain that at the time there would have been no coon hunting in the areas where the prize deer and exotics were kept.

    I’m in no way an expert, but we did track the proceedings that led up to his arrest and trial, and those that immediately followed. Haven’t actually thought about it much the last few years until this thread appeared.


    It isnt a hog hunting operation it is a hog raising operation. His hog barn is on complete computer control now with 100% government supervision and has been that way since the early 80’s. Which the barn was’nt computer controled in the early 80’s but has been since the early 90’s. My buddy showed me a video that one of the big pork distributers made of his place and dang is it a nice operation. Scott said that he sends out a tractor trailor load a week worth of hogs to walmart and kroger. In his place human hands do not touch a hog from what the video showed. I also asked about the deer thing and he said he was still breeding deer.

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    Obviously you don’t think it should be forgotten or you wouldn’t have brought it up.

    Forgive him? For what?

    For performing an act I don’t care for? If I got involved in forgiving everyone who did that I’d have little time in life for anything else.[/quote:11rto0g4]

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    I just don’t see how it’s anybody else’s business what people do on their own private property with their own livestock, animals or deer.

    The outrage just shows how communistic we are. Everybody thinks they need to have a say with what their neighbor is doing.

    Just my 2 cents.


    I disagree. It may not be any of our government’s business, as long as the activity is legal {think smoking restrictions}, but I have a right to voice my opinion.

    If my neighbor is doing something I consider to be unethical {even if it is legal}, I have a 1st amendment right to open my mouth or fire up the keyboard and ridicule them. If I’m slandering them, they can sue me.

    If I can shame them into doing what is ethical, I’ve made our Nation a better place.[/quote:m59q77ey]

    So, is shooting a drugged deer in a fence unethical? Or just something you and i would never do ’cause it’s just retarded and illegal.

    I mean, a dead deer is a dead deer. Does it matter that he had a sporting chance when i give him a 150 grain pill that blows his chest out? Many would argue shooting a deer is unethical period.

    I’m not for poaching, but let’s be reasonable. How about a $1000 dollar fine for poaching a deer. That would be reasonable and fair. But it sounds like they locked the guy up for a year ( the operator) like he was a child molester or some other threat to society. All he did was sell a canned hunt. DNR’s are out of control. They have no constitutional checks and balances, often use no search or seizure warrants, and lock people up for petty misdemeanors.

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