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    Alright, I put new string and cable on. No problem, ATA, CT and idler lean are good (thanks to Neil). But then comes the &*%$%^ peep. Before I installed it I shoot the bow a bit. Pressed it and put the peep in. It starts out straight but by the time I’m done serving it in it will be about a quarter turn to the left/right. When I go to shoot it it stays right where it was at the start, doesn’t move. So up and down the stairs I go adding a twist, subtracting a twist. So what is the trick? Or is it generally a bit of a finicky process. It is not rotating when I shoot. I like serving from the top down and back serve to finish. Is that a problem? I tried watching some YouTube clips but I wasn’t able to make out what they were doing. Is is unrealistic to expect that when you first install the peep it should be straight right from the get go?
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    Sometimes I have to swap strands (move one over here and there. Usually when I put one in it’s really close to begin with and if it’s that close a minor readjustment/tightening of the D-loop secures it enough to keep it in the right spot.
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    I have found that a 1/2 twist on the lower half (below the peep) of the string will usually turn the peep 1/4 turn to get it straight. Sometimes you will need to rotate it 180* out and R & R the peep for it to be straight… then I’ll balance the top half (w/+ or – twists) if it rotates during the draw.
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    :D Once it is served it rotates the peep and/or string slightly…once the peep is served in the only option other than taking the serving off and moving the peep and reserving is simply press the bow and and twist the string top end [sitting in press ] on cam and twist or counter twist 1/2 twist at a time until it rotates into place…, this may mean also twisting loop to synchronized both…..shoot and continue until they both settle perfect…once done they wont move much …if at all …if string is truly settled…


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    So then I am doing it right. Just a few few jogs up and down the stairs :) Anyways the peep has settled in nicely. I was just wondering if I was doing it the hard way. Like usual :^O I put a yellow black string on my EZ7 from Worlds Best Strings. Now looking for yellow dampers to replace the red ones. I’m not sure what Mathews will do to get me to change bows :D Thanks for the info guys !
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