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    southern draw

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    Just started back shooting bow after several years of shoulder issues. Shooting a right hand Mathews Z7 at 50 lbs., Scott Release, Tru Glow 4 pin sight, 1/4 peep, Victory 400 shaft arrow. I am anchoring to the same spot and have string touching tip of nose. Elavation is good but am having issue with my inconcistant left to right shots, hitting dead on and then have shots 6″-10″ right. Trying to use a open, relaxed grip but I really it may be grip related. I have caught my arm drifting right after I release. Looking for tips and advise
    Thanks, Bobby
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    Left-Right spread is usually a result of either:
    – Idler Lean
    – Nock point too low
    – Centershot too far out
    – Too much string-face contact.

    I’d start with Idler Lean. Set up the twists in the yoke according to Vince’s advice in the Tech FAQ section.

    Next, set the centershot ‘down the  middle’ of the limbs, about 12.5/16″, and nock height about 3/16″ above perpendicular.

    Then, shoot a paper tear and adjust the yokes to get a bullet hole … TAW #6

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    That’s some great advice from gjarcher, but if you go through that process and are still struggling with this;  I’ve found that I had a hard time being left / right consistent when shooting a sight with multiple pins that are horizontal.  Having a single vertical pin seems to help split the sight picture in half, which has helped my consistency with the left and right misses.
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