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    What is the number one no no in bowhunting.

    I would say it is hunting the wrong wind 8D

    If you think it is something else please list ](*,)

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    I would say sitting on the couch. You can’t kill em if you don’t go. :D
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    I voted yes, but there is something that coincides with that. Entry and Exit routes to the stand. I have some stands that should only be hunted on a certain wind, and should only be accessed a certain way. I also have a couple stands that can be hunted on a couple different winds, but to maximize success potential should be entered according to which wind I have. If you are trying to be successful through out an entire season in a small area, there are days where sitting on the couch may be the best thing to do for the long run. I’ve got spread sheets with stand sites listed, best winds to hunt, entry and exit routes, and topo maps with the stand locations marked. Before each and every hunt I go to and pull up my area and check the hourly forecast to see whats going to be happening. Then I pull my spread sheet to see which stands are available and go from there. The next biggest thing to me is residual ground scent. I’m not a big believer in scent elimination clothing and all that, I’ve been around dogs too much and have seen just how keen animals noses are, but thats a different discussion for a different time. I’m talking about your trail. I take time every year to trim my trails out good so no branches or weeds rub against me on my way in, and I dont have touch anything to move out of my way when going to my stand. Rubber boots DO work, along with the scent elimination spray. Spray those rubber boots down liberally before your walk in and touch NOTHING with your hands or clothing. The body continually puts off the human scent, rubber boots will only have on them what has been put on them and that can be temporarily removed by the spray. I used to get so aggravated when a deer would cut my trail, and boom, it was over, and it still occasionally happens, but very rarely since I’ve started taking these extra precautions. Sorry so long, but this is my long answer to your question :thumbup
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    I said no. I can only hunt weekends do to work and the only property I can hunt is 2+ hours away. If the wind isnt right I still hunt and I see and shoot deer every year. I am not shooting wall hangers and I get winded plenty. But given the choice of getting in the woods and shooting average deer and not getting in the woods at all I am going hunting. I’ve also been in clubs where you can only have 1 or 2 stands. Sometimes the wind might not be right for either so again the only choice you have is to stay home.

    With the above being said I try and play the wind as much as possible. The deer on the property I hunt come from any direction. I control my scent as much as I can and use good cover and try to get at least 20ft high.

    Kudos to those of you that have properties with multiple access points and stand locations where playing the wind is possible. Likewise for those of you that have the option of hunting when you like so sleeping in just means you’ll go tomorrow.

    I work in the city and have to deal with traffic, riff-raff, and my office is in the basement of a 14 story building. So for me the #1 no-no is also sitting on the couch. [=}=]

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    Jeff K in IL

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    I say no as well. I don’t have the luxury of owning land, or hunting land that I can setup a stand for every wind direction. Sure, I prefer certain stands on certain pieces of property if the wind is a certain way, but if it isn’t right, nothing is going to keep me from hunting it. It’s very rare that I get winded (that I have seen).

    I have yet to see something deer don’t adapt to: they love mowed lanes, the landowner cut down a giant tree limb on the land I hunt, and the next day there were deer back there without a care in the world, they don’t mind ATV’s or combines. I don’t have issues with them cutting my trail, in fact, they use the same trail I made.

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    The number one no no is not wearing a harness in your stand!
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    “Forget the wind, Just hunt.”
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    I have yet to ever hunt a spot that I could say “the deer will come out right there” The areas I hunt you never know where deer are coming from. Impossible to hunt the wind where I hunt.

    Always harness up. :thumbup

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    I said no [/u:2kwdos80]having hunted feeder locations many times, 99% of the time the deer approach the area from down wind. So if they were going to get any of your scent, they would have already detected it.

    My important measures are minimizing as much of my scent as possible, leaving as little scent as possible on the way to my stand especially when there is no other option but to cross deer trails.

    And using a cover scent 100% of the time setup around me once I am in the stand.

    When the deer are around feeders they are walking all around the area many times in a 20 to 30 yard radius around the feeder, so it is almost certain they will hit your trail.

    I just make sure to spray down my boots well before walking in.

    Never use white lights when walking into a stand, use colored LED lights and point them at the ground when walking in, not 30 yards in front of you.

    Animals will only catch the light if they see the LED in the reflector, but if there are deer nearby I try to use mainly the moon light if it is out and the path is wide.

    In the past I found that if you flip on a white light when entering tree areas every bird in the area will start ‘sounding the alarm’ so to speak. I have never had any luck hunting when the birds are making noise like that. Sometimes I’ve found it harder keeping the birds from getting spooked by your presence in the trees than the deer since your at the birds level in the trees. That and since we have so few trees in West Texas its like every bird roosts in the trees your hunting down here.

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    Some good points above, especially about safety harnesses!

    Like q2hunter I once had a stand in a spot that required me to cut a path through a blackberry thicket in order to approach it from downwind. The stand was low, and it had to be because that was the only place I could put it. So, I never hunted that stand in the wrong wind. Saw and killed quite a few deer from it, too.

    Now I have a stand on a farm between some crop fields and a large lake. A small, swampy bay hooks in behind the stand with nasty thickets all around and a small oak grove that I’m just on the edge of. When the lake is still up, I have to walk the lake shore and get to my stand by walking through where the deer will be. Last year I sprayed my rubber boots (LaCrosse Burleys) with Dead Downwind, had a doe and two yearlings come in and walk back and forth over my tracks, and they never knew I was in their world. Then, when they drew the lake down, and I could get across that swampy bay, I cut a path through the thicket right behind my stand. It makes for a much shorter walk and is better for the prevailing wind. But, just like JeffK, the doggone deer started using the path I cut and I got busted once big time! Hadn’t seen anything and decided to have a cup of coffee. Stood up and turned around to get my thermos out of the pack and they were right behind my stand! Shoulda figured. A shortcut for me is a shortcut for them too! :^O

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    Good points all but the number one no no that your [/u]average hunter committs is not enough practice with their equipment! [-X
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    Our wind switches so often around here you get hit from every direction before you even nock an arrow #-o
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