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    Was at brother in laws house this morning for work.Happened to look behind shop where he has a glendale buck 3d target setup,and boy I wish I had a trail camera back there so I could have had the action on film.Boy did he tear into that target. :^O

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    Deere Farmer

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    :shock: Looks like the competition was a little upset. ;)
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    Ha ha ha!
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    I would say the target lost that fight… :^O :^O :^O
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    Jay Miller

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    That is great, I had that happen a few times last year with both my glendel and my actual decoy. I now just take the head/antlers off and it is never touched while I am between practice shooting or airing out my decoy.

    BTW I found that silicone adhesive works great for putting those ears back on :whistle :whistle

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    I guess I’d have to say, “THE RUT IS ON!!” :D
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    and the winner is. :^O had the same thing happen to me in the back yard
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    That happened to my target before too. I didn’t get to witness it though :thumbup
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