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    Big Hoss

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    Deer season is coming quick and I learned that I may have a pinched nerve in my neck that is not alowing me to draw my bow back. I have a mr7 with 50# limbs, is it possible to drop the draw weight down below 50# and will it still shoot ok? My wife’s Jewel is set at 45# and I can draw it back fairly easy.
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    I feel your pain it happened to me the year I bought my Z7 it sucked! I had just bought and brought it home but was unable to shoot it, first thing I did was drop draw weight down to poundage I could draw the next step was a phone call to my chiropractor within about a month I was able to draw it back at full poundage Good Luck hopefully you’ll be shooting in no time .
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    I hope you get better soon, I feel for you.. As for your question, i dont think you can go lower than 50 lbs on the MR7. But then I am still new to Archery and am learning every day. I also have a MR7. Great Bow! I love it! Keep us posted on your recovery..{#emotions_dlg.mathews_monster_red}
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    Did I read it right — you have a 50# MR-7?

    50 # Is the top end of the spec. The DW range for that bow is 40-50#

    ie you have a 10 pound adjustment range.

    It will shoot just fine set all the way down to 40.

    with a 50 # bow you might get a little more out of it.

    as you drop in DW, you may have to change arrows. And as you drop in DW you may be happier with a cut on contact fixed blade broadhead.

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    I am with Shogun1….
    Your bow will go down 10 lbs to 40 from 50 just fine.
    You might check your state regs for the min poundage you can hunt for deer in your state.
    Its 40 for deer and 50 for elk here in Oregon. I have heard some are a little higher for deer in some other states.
    Sorry to hear about your pinched nerve….I hope it all works out.

    Good luck!!!


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