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    Ok, I decided on the NEW 2011 Z7 Magnum from the dealer. It was a left over and I got a GREAT deal on it (and the sight and rest). The sight (Viper, Diamondback I think) and rest (whisker biscuit) are basic but that is all I need. I got the bow (with factory warranty), sight, and whisker biscuit for UNDER $600. including tax. All items BRAND NEW. The bow never had a peep sight put in. I had the chance to buy a used Z7 Magnum (BLACK) but had to switch cams and it was $600. for the bare bow (No Warranty, USED).


    Poundage: 70
    Draw: 29

    Brand: Carbon Express 350 Maxima (with BullDog Collar)
    Weight: 411 gr. (with 100 grain tip)
    Length: 30 inches
    Vanes: Blazer (2 inch)

    SPEED: 304 fps
    KE: 81 ft. lb.

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    Awesome bow [=}=]

    I get a kick out of all the people complaining that Mathews didn’t come out with a 340 FPS single cam bow this year. this is why. THEY ALREADY HAVE ONE !!!

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    that’s a screamin’ deal,big time!you won’t be dissappointed.
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    :thumbup :thumbup :thumbup
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    Congrats Brian!! =D/>” title=”Applause” /> </p>
<p>I always liked the Z7 and its big brother the Mag…</p>
<p>Nice stats and Pictures of your new weapon.</p>
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    Love mine and that is a smoking deal :thumbup
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    This bow reminds me alot of the Reezen! Sweet looking rig man, and great deal! :thumbup
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    Congrats :thumbup :thumbup

    Now I hate to say this but you might be wanting a 450 CE spine model. The 350 model is going to weak for broadheads at 70# and at 29″.

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    Good choice thats a great bow.!!! My fav Matherw of all the 7 I have owned.
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