I built an E-Mag!!!

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    As a compliment to my MR-7 I wanted a smooth shooter so I bought a EZ7 and it drew like butter.  That being said the disparity in speed was tough to get over so I decided to install a ZX cam (with 1/2″ shorter DL to compensate) in lieu of the DXT cam.  It picked up 16fps and still shoots dead in the hand, super silent, and very easy to draw in comparison to the MR7.  The brace height stayed at 7″ and ATA is 32″.  It’s basically just a Z7mag with a longer brace height.  It’s shooting awesome out to 70 yards.  I’ll keep both bows….one for a smooth white tail rig and one for a hog and big game rig with the added kinetic energy.  If Mathews had a single cam 32″ ATA 7″ brace height bow I’d have bought it…just glad I was able to put something together that satisfied me :)
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    Sounds awesome. I too am holding out for at least a 32″ or 33″ solocam. I am still kicking myself for selling my reezen. Hopefully the z mags replacement this year will be just that.
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    That sounds like a bow most of us might consider  if it weren’t Frankenstein bow. Still great results.
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    Were you able to crono it?
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    When I first got the bow it was at 29″ DL and I cranked it down to 70lbs and put a 403 grain arrow through it at 276 fps.  The DL was a bit short for me so I bought a 29″ ZX cam which yielded a 29.5″ DL.  At the same 70lbs I put a 403 grain arrow through it at 297 fps.  Now I know that 5+fps or so was due to the increased 1/2″ in DL so I estimate the cam swap gave me 14-16 fps.  Also, the stock EZ7 advertises IBO of 321 and the Z7mag advertises 340 IBO.  Take 5 fps off the Z7 Mag for the difference in brace height on the E-Mag and you’d have 335 IBO which in comparison to my results tracks about right.  After all of this initial testing and comparing I backed my E-Mag down to 65lbs and did not chrono any more.  I should mention that I did have to move the D-loop and nock point down 1/4″ after the swap as well.  I know it’s a Frankenstein setup, but after checking around the bow is literally identical to a Z7mag with just a bit less reflex so I was comfortable with it.
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    I actually like this idea. Can you post up a pic?
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    here’s the picsemag1 emagcam emagcam2
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