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    So taco bell was torched for having commercial….wait a commercial jokingly saying that people hate guests that bring veggies to a party….Pretty clear to me it was a joke. I am aware that their main ingredient is meat..and probably most profitable as well… but it was a joke or was done in a jokingly manner.. at least it was pretty clear to me….

    So I read The Center for Science in the Public Interest, a health advocacy group….like theres not enough Senators with lazy relatives that needed a job so I’m sure thats one more not needed government agency…anyway they urged people to show their displeasure with the company by joining together on t

    But I don’t’ recall exactly the ad or if it was a specific person but I remember it was a call to ban meat eaters or that meat eaters where bad… either way I thought thats there opinion and they are entitled to it… However its getting to where if you don’t agree with a groups agenda or their specific way of thinking they wanna protest and just cause unnecessary trouble just because they its not ii line with there philosospy..
    This country is turning into a bunch a finger pointing tattle telling sissy’s. And it ain’t just Democrats or Liberals…. its both sides of the isle..

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