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    Over the past few years, my long-time friend and bowhunting partner have bee getting a little discouraged with the lack of deer in the area we’ve hunted for many years. Although the overall Ontario deer population is healthy, the particular area we hunt has seen a considerable reduction in deer numbers due to predators (wolves and coyotes), a couple of harsh winters, and an overabundance of doe tags given out. So, a few months ago, we put an ad in a regional farmers newsletter that is given out free to all farms in eastern Ontario asking for permission to hunt someone’s farm (for which we would be willing to pay, sign a liability waiver, etc. etc.). So far, we have received three contacts, two of which are very reasonable driving distances from our homes (i.e., maximum hour and a half).

    One farmer in particular told us he is overrun with deer and would welcome our hunting with open arms. More importantly, the amount of money he would want is so little it’s not even worth mentioning. The other farmer is closer and he used to lease the land to an outfitter. I suspect he would be looking for considerably more money but that has yet to be negotiated. The third farmer is on the Québec side of the provincial border, so we would be limited to bucks only and the distance is considerably farther away than the first two farmers. So, we have made arrangements to visit the first two farms toward the end of March to see if we can finalize a deal. It looks very positive at this point…….but we shall see. (Insert crossed-fingers emoticon here).

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    Good luck sound awesome!
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    Best of luck to you – hope you can work it out!
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    Very cool. Hope you put together some good times this fall {#emotions_dlg.mathews_cool}
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    Good luck getting new hunting land!
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    Thanks guys. I just received an email (and follow-up phone call) from a fourth person who owns 130 acres (including 30 acres of CRP) about 100 km from my place. I have Google-Earthed his land as well as the others and it, too, looks promising. He doesn’t have his land posted but plans to do so in the spring. My buddy and I will also meet him at the end of March. I have no idea what kind of money he would want, but based on our preliminary telephone conversation I don’t think it would be anything excessive. He sounded like he just wanted someone to enjoy use of his land. There are no crops on this land but a neighbouring parcel of land is owned by a hunting camp and they have planted food plots. Wouldn’t think of trespassing on their property but trying to intercept deer on their way to the neighbouring food plot……well, that there’s a whole different matter. {#emotions_dlg.mathews_wink}
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    Sounds awesome, Jeeper! Quality hunting ground is becoming so difficult to come by these days, I can only imagine the thrill to have such promising prospects! {#emotions_dlg.mathews_thumbs_up}
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    Good luck with the new deals to hunt and hope you can swing maybe two out of the four places this coming season. That was a great idea putting that article out looking for places to hunt.  I need to do something like that. Now if I can find the local farmer’s newsletter.
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    Hope it works and for you and is good hunting.  I always get excited about new spots to hunt{#emotions_dlg.mathews_thumbs_up}
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    Yep, hope i works out for you. Here, in the state of Ohio, US of A, there are a lot of guys crying about the lack of deer in their area, and they act as though it’s a state wide phenomenon. It’s not! We have about one point zero buttloads of deer in our area! Hope you lock into a honey hole!
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    My hunting buddy and I now have 8 responses to our ad for hunting land. Four of these offers look very promising (i.e., lots of deer and minimal cost for the season). As I mentioned above, we will visit these properties as soon as the weather cooperates.
    Gotta mention though, the best one yet. We received a call from a delightful Polish Canadian lady who owns 25 acres comprised of hardwoods and a large garden. She is very upset with the number of deer in her yard which are ravaging her garden. So, she wanted us to come out as soon as possible and shoot as many deer as we could. When we explained that the hunting season didn’t open until next October she said that bows are quiet and nobody would hear us shooting all these deer. And, she promised she wouldn’t tell anyone. {#emotions_dlg.mathews_laughing} Of course, being the responsible, ethical hunters we are, we had to decline (in fact, I do believe I will be canonized next month…..just waiting on word from Rome). {#emotions_dlg.mathews_smile}
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    Something has to pan out for you.  Every now and then, something goes right.  Good luck.
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