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    Off, I don’t like the extra weight when I shoot [=}=]
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    Wouldn’t even think of keeping it on. I don’t see any advantage if I needed a second shot I’d use a hip quiver if still hunting, or in my tree stand I keep my quiver nearby.
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    I began shooting with the quiver on when I started shooting a Mathews and have not changed. I think the added weight of the two piece on the ends of the riser adds a little forgiveness. Noise has not been an issue. As far as accuracy I don’t notice any difference between a full quiver and an empty one inside 30 yard and at 40 it is negligible. Also, keeping it on means one less thing to get ready once I climb the tree. I have needed a quick reload for a second deer!
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    I have always practiced with my quiver off the bow…why wouldn’t I hunt that way? I’m sure the added weight would make a difference, in addition to reduced sight lines.
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    off, i use a hip quiver, i don’t want anything on my bow other than what is needed
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    ON if I’m stalking! Off if I’m in the stand or blind! :thumbup
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    Due to the fact that I travel to the stand with the quiver attached and I may well see a deer on that trek , I choose to set up the bow for that possibility.
    Since the bow is set up that way I leave it on.
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    Jeff K in IL

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    I actually found out I like it with the quiver on, I notice no noise difference… [=}=]
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    Quiver on. Heavier, easier to hold (especially in wind), and the arrows
    are always in the same place when you need another one. [=}=]
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    Big B

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    I have the 2 piece and hunt with it on. I’ve been shooting all spring and summer with it off but just two weeks ago I started shooting with it on just to get use to the weight difference. To be honest with you I like shooting with it on better.
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    Kinda hard to hunt without a quiver? unless you
    plan on carrying one arrow! JMO [=}=]
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    I have hunted with it on and off. Killed elk and deer with it on, but I shoot the Alpine quiver and taking it on and off is real easy
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    I keep mine on all the time because I don’t like to change the feel of my bow if I’m practicing, in a tree, on the ground ect. Also it’s handy having arrows on the ready, especially on the stalk. I use the fixed model Arrow Web and it’s silent. It also holds my arrows firm so they don’t vibrate or make noise. I have noticed other quivers that really hum with vibration so I could understand why some do and some don’t.
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    I take my quiver off and hang it in the tree positioned for quick access. My bow balances better and is, I believe, quieter without it. And the bow is obviously lighter without the quiver.
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    I use a Cat Quiver by Rancho Safari :D
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