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    if i had the supply i’d eat it every day. but usually a couple times a week ill have deer or elk cutlets and steaks. and love the deer burgers and tacos. I’m not really a fan of beef my meat has got to have a little wild taste to it. And jerky never lasts long around me. ok i have to stop now im getting hungry. going to get the deer cutlets i brought for lunch today :^O


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    I’m the only one that eats it in my house.
    The kids just don’t have a taste for it yet… (They will).. :D

    Usually one night a week I’ll take out a package and cook it up..
    If there is anything left over I mix it in my salad for lunch the next day.. [=}=]

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    About once a week :thumbup
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    about 4-5 times a week someone is always bringing in something to work.
    not full meals though things like dove , goose jerky :X jalopeno cheese sausage your basic wild game snack foods.
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    I’m about the only one in the house that eats wild meat. I ether have bacon, brats, or hot dogs every week. I fix a pack on Sunday and eat them about every day till it’s gone.
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    Depends on how much of it I have! When I have a freezer full of venison I tend to go a little hog wild and simple. As the supply begins to dwindle I begin to ration. My deer hunting this year was not[/color:wn7d16bu] fruitful, so I’m down to a pittance. 3 packs of ground meat, 1 pack sausage, 1 roast and 4 steaks. And I didn’t have to go look just now, I know exactly what’s in there! Also have a little walleye, crappie and channel cat in there as well as a decent supply of pheasant breasts. Needless to say, I’m rationing! :cry:
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    Pretty close to once a day!! We eat a lot of venison burger in any dish that you would use hamburger. We love it!!

    My wife made homemade pancakes and served venison breakfast sausage with it last night and tonight we had goulash with venison burger. :X :X

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    Every day until I run out of snack sticks :oops: :^O
    So my vote goes for a couple times a week [=}=]
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    Depends on the week, but I would say that I eat game meat (that I killed) 3-8 times per week as a meal. :D

    That doesn’t count snack foods like jerky or summer sausage.

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    my grandkids came over this past weekend and I was going to cook some sausage from a hog I killed this year. My granddaughter (5 yo) said she would not eat it after I showed her a pic of the hog. After they smelled it cooking she said pa pa thats just reg sausage. They started eating and she told braden(3 yo) its not a wild hog its just reg sausage. funny stuff, they tore it up. It was awesome
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    Jeff K in IL

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    Not as much as I would like.
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    At least twice a week. Grilled, crock pot, stir fry, burger, jerky – its all good! I’m lucky because my kids prefer it over beef! my daughter even wrote it as her “favorite dinner” in grade school :^O ! unfortunately, it takes 3-4 to get through the year. the key is handling it right – I haven’t let anyone butcher for me for over 25 years…
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    I had my last two deer made entirely into breakfast sausage. My wife really likes deer sausage, so I make it for her every morning when I cook breakfast.

    We have a freezer full of deer, elk, and bison meat. We don’t buy “store-bought” meat any longer.

    We probably eat some wild game meat once or twice a week – in addition to the breakfast sausage.

    It sure makes it more fun to go hunting if you know there is a great use for the meat.


    got any recipe for that breakfast sausage ?

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    Not as much as I would like.

    You’ll get some backstrap when you come over this spring :thumbup

    I said once a week but it kinda depends.As alot have said we grind alot and use it in alot of meals and then I shot the hog this past year so it could go from once a week to a few times a week :thumbup

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    Had good luck this year. Arrowed a white tail buck and a speed goat. Wild game 2x a week. :thumbup
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