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    Just curious how often wild game was used.
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    Age: 42
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    I have to say once a week. Sometimes twice. [=}=]
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    I had my last two deer made entirely into breakfast sausage. My wife really likes deer sausage, so I make it for her every morning when I cook breakfast.

    We have a freezer full of deer, elk, and bison meat. We don’t buy “store-bought” meat any longer.

    We probably eat some wild game meat once or twice a week – in addition to the breakfast sausage.

    It sure makes it more fun to go hunting if you know there is a great use for the meat.


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    We don’t buy any meat till We run out of deer… We’re out..Those two went fast this year ](*,)

    Can’t wait for the pig Hunt coming up, and the Moose hunt Should keep the freezer full a lil longer this fall [-o|

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    We usually eat it a few times a week, when the wife is not preggers or something. I used to eat a butterfly steaks on the george foreman every morning. We ate so much cube steak one year, I was glad to see it gone. I finally decided to get one or two deer processed a year and then do the others myself. I usually will cut into cubes for stew meat or cut to roast for the oven. Ill take the rib meat and side flaps for jerky. I just hate having to gut them and bury the remains. #-o
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    Nothing beats a home made stew made out of tenderloin mmmm :D cooked in a crock pot all day with some carrots potato and sliced onion. little bit of pepper. lol iam hungry
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    Twice a week. Sometimes more.
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    I voted once a week, but sometimes more and sometimes less so it probably averages out. Sometimes I eat it once a week and then I might go a week or two and not have any and then suddenly eat it 3 times a week.
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    It probably averages out about once a week.

    I do some flounder gigging too and that will feed us once about every two weeks. Would that be wild game?….you have to stick it.

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    I burger mine and don’t buy any ground beef until it is gone. So I would have to say at least a couple times a week……………….but it is about gone. ](*,) It is hard to get used to eating ground beef after eating deer burger for 3 or 4 months. My favorite has to be Taco soup with the deer burger =P~ =P~

    PS- No, I do not burger the back straps :^O They usually don’t even make it to the freezer. :D

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    I get a bunch of sausage made and a bunch ground. We rarely buy meat anymore. I live in a great fishing locale so between fish and venison we use very little other protien. I feel fortunate that my wife and family love wild game as much as I do. I love big horns but I am a meat hunter at heart.
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    Family meal, at least once a week including left overs. I eat jerky at least once a day when I have a nice size batch.
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    At least twice a week for me…unlesss i have jerky around then its every hour #-o I just started making jerky out of the burger =P~ =P~

    gonna need a couple more deer next year :D

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    :D Every day till sausage and jerky runs out than twice three times a week regular meals…we get lots of hamburger from an elk and a moose so chilies..with beans, tacos, lasagna, meatloaf etc are common :thumbup

    and nummy :p


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    too funny, taking a break from work and cut up a few pieces of venison sausage and sat down to read this thread. I shot a doe in early oct and one in late nov, other than making the sausage with the scrap we’re almost done with both
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