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    My wife has gone to the Hunter’s Education Course and also gotten her own Mustang. :D She shot it a few times on the range but refuses to go hunting because by her own admission she can’t keep quiet for more than a couple minutes :^O besides killing animals are gross to her #-o

    She has never grumbled about me spending money on archery stuff and has always supported my hunting endeavors ;) So far :whistle

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    I got my wife into bowhunting two years ago…I started her off with a Hoyt Selena…and now, one Realtree Roadtrips suit & one BowTech Guardian later…
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    Don’t have either, I’m still bacheloring it ;)

    This way I can aquire everything I “want” before I settle down.[/quote:cx8qr3my]

    That’s what I did and thought, but the toys started disappearing one by one.

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    She knows what a bow is. Thats about it.
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    Mine doesn’t hunt but is an avid target archer. [=}=]
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    must be nice to have a wife that supports your passions mine just moans and complains when deer seasons starts. She hates that I started archery hunting because I am gone more
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    My shoots targets with me. And is talking about hunting this fall. :thumbup
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    Well while this picture is not an archery shot this is
    my wife and she loves to deer and turkey hunt with me.
    She has a Parker Micro Phoenix that she loves to shoot and wants
    to hunt with it but can’t draw the legal limit.. We are working on it..

    She supports me as well..

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    i met my boyfriend 3 1/2 years ago…
    a couple of months into hanging out he saw me checking out his bows, so he turned one down as far as it would go and encouraged me to pull it back and shoot just one arrow…

    i was hooked!

    i now own 3 bows…
    he can’t believe how quickly obsessed i became and how easily i spend money on equipment…
    kinda how some gals spend money on clothes! ;;)

    we shoot target and 3D together, but i leave the hunting to him…
    i’ll help field dress it and butcher it and cook it but i just don’t have it in me to kill it :oops:

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    My wife bought me an XT for Christmas,2005.
    I bought her a Genesis for Christmas,2006.
    She’s been target practicing with me since then.
    I doubt she’ll ever hunt,but she enjoys shooting.

    She enjoys eating venison and also helps with the processing.

    I think I’ll keep her. ;)

    By the way,Saturday will be our 28th wedding anniversary. :thumbup

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    she has tried it, she dont mind the shooting part but hunting is out for here. she is not supportive of the money i spend though #-o
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    IL Archer

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    She has no interest in it, but encourages me.
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    She has tried it and is still interested some. She is cool on the money and time I spend since I have our sons shooting. She even hung out at our last club tournament [=}=] I already have the green light for a new bow in 2008 :D
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    She shoot a bow when she was in school, but the 29 years we have been
    married she has not touched a bow. [=}=]
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    My wife is kinda inbetween the first two selections……..

    She hunts, but not bow hunts, she shoots a bow, for fun and enjoys it, but isn’t as “obsessed” with it as I am……….she does have fun though :thumbup and she only shoots maybe once or twice a month. Maybe she will shoot more when school’s out [-o| (I go at least 3 times on my week off, not counting the times I shoot in my back yard)

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