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  • December 1, 2008 at 8:03 pm #496032 Back to Top REPORT

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    Why does it seem It’s like I collect these things?

    How many do you have and why?

    I now have 5 and wonder why?

    I can see a bunch of lock ons or ladders but climbers?

    I thought I had added a 4th pick of “what is a climber” but it didn’t come up.

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    I have one, and that is all I see as needed :smt69…but I agree on ladder and lock-ons
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    It depends for me I guess. If you have more then like 5 for yourself then there can be an issue of over abundance and the fact that you won’t use all of them. Now if you have on for maybe each person in the family (wife,kids) then that is fine.
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    You definitely have too many!

    And in the spirit of friendship, I’ll be glad to take one off your hands!! :D :D

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    Jeff K in IL

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    You need to send me one.. :p

    I only have one! [=}=]

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    No rule in this category.. :p
    But I can only use 1 at a time , and I never leave it in the woods (that lesson was learned a long time ago)… :thumbup
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    Well, I only had one and it was a tree lounge old style. I really like it but heavy so it because two so I got the new style.

    They were to much to lug around so I got a summit years ago for the weight and I really like it that is three. THen I saw the timbertall and liked the in tree adjustment and weight so I bought one to try and then it was four. Not a bad stand but hard to adjust the lower platform IMO. THen someone posted that dang cupon on here for the Lonewolf. Been wanting to try that Alpha sit and climb and for $90. off I couldn’t pass. Got it the other day and now I have another stand to play with.

    Come to think of it, that timber tall is still attached to the base of a tree. I need to see if I’m back to four.

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    I got my first one this year.I LOVE beeing able to hunt any piece of land in a tree.I only PLAN to buy one more,a GOOD quality one.

    Yeahhhh,one… :whistle :whistle :whistle

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    …I only PLAN to buy one more,a GOOD quality one.

    Yeahhhh,one… :whistle :whistle :whistle[/quote:29yagz9m]

    Me too – right now I’ve got 1.5 climbers. #-o A gorrilla steel job (my first one) which is very secure, but heavy as sin. To shave weight on it I use my LW Handclimber top instead of the steel seat.

    I’d REALLY like to find a Summit bottom to put with my LW HC top, but now I’m mixing and matching too much….



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    i have 3 i keep one on each farm that way if im hunting a lock on and i see a pattern on a big buck im hunting i can fine tune my set up to get the shot. so basically my lock ons are set for scouting and the climbers are my killing stands [=}=]
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    You’re up on me. I only have 3 climbers. :p
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    I only have one. Been looking at a new one but my wife says to sell the old one first. :smt69
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    I had 2,a LW hand climber and a LW sit and climb.They each were good in certain situations,even tho I do the majority of my hunting out of hang on/loc on stands with climbing/ladder sticks,which I have about a dozen sets now.I ended up selling the LW hand climber,and am now down to just one climbing stand,the LW sit and climb. [=}=]
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    Only have one climber. But have a ladder stand, 2 strap-on stands, and 2 ground blinds – so I guess I need another climber to even things out :D
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    -1. Mine was ripped off.

    Need to find a new spot for next year.

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